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zelcash (ZEL) Historical Data | Current ZEL Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price ZEL. Maximal value of price zelcash was , Minimal price of ZEL was . Today price of zelcash is :

About zelcash

At its surface, Zelcash is an exploitable digital currency based on the technological foundations of the Zcash cryptocurrency (formerly known as Zerocash), which is based on Bitcoin. Zelcash uses zero knowledge tests initially coined in Zcash in a digital currency and used by many other privacy coin projects. This fact provides a relatively large network of developers for different teams that provide protocol improvements over time to strengthen the core functionality of blockchain technology and the zero-knowledge protocol base. Zelcash offers economic incentives for its decentralized node network, ZelNodes, to offer a truly scalable and decentralized blockchain development network. This incentive is created through a part of the block rewards and, finally, through various economic models, such as transaction fees or operating rates for DApps, to support our vision of a powerful and decentralized network of nodes to allow blockchains, applications, tokens. , separate smart contracts and much more.