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yuanchaincoin (YCC) Historical Data | Current YCC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price YCC. Maximal value of price yuanchaincoin was 0.007983$ - 2020-10-23 12:00:15, Minimal price of YCC was 0.005828$ value and fixed at 2021-01-12 02:00:07. Today price of yuanchaincoin is : 0$

About yuanchaincoin

The Yuan Chain platform combines several innovative technologies, such as the hot swap smart contract and blockchain technology, creating a new blockchain network architecture. It presents the decentralized characteristics of the public blockchain, while being able to have the high performance and privacy for which an authorized blockchain is required. Yuan Chain builds a simple but high-performance main chain with several flexible and diverse parachutes that store and validate data in the blockchain quickly and economically, allowing the transfer and confirmation of assets and debts under a controllable condition for privacy. In addition, Yuan Chain integrates smart contracts and designs collaborative mechanisms of symbolic incentives, allowing the transfer of value over the Internet and building a reliable company. 1. The main chain is highly stable since the bitcoin network, without virtual machine, high competition, TPS will reach 10,000 in the future. 2. The Major Hash parachain logo will be loaded onto the main chain, ensuring immutability. 3. Adoption of smart contracts and virtual machines in parachain, which will have no impact on the security and stability of the main chain. 4. Interoperability between parachain and the main chain is highly efficient and stable, ensuring that the main chain is authorized and that the parachutes are different. 5. Innovative DPOS + BFT consensus mechanism, creation of elective blocks and validation nodes, similar to the jury system, ensuring fair and efficient consent. 6. Perfectly integrate Ethereum smart contract with Yuan chain, exchange C2C with bitcoin, ethereum and others.