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xyonetwork (XYO) Historical Data | Current XYO Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price XYO. Maximal value of price xyonetwork was 0.0004119$ - 2020-10-22 13:00:09, Minimal price of XYO was 0.0001168$ value and fixed at 2021-01-14 13:00:17. Today price of xyonetwork is : 0$

About xyonetwork

XYO is a network of devices powered by people who anonymously collect and validate geospatial data (such as the location of an e-commerce package or the humidity of the most remote places in the world). At the heart of it all is one of the most exciting new cryptocurrencies that encourages the ecosystem called XYO. Therefore, the following problem exists: both the certainty and the accuracy of the place are adversely affected by the lack of a decentralized and unreliable oracle. Platforms such as Ethereum and EOS have been used extensively for their power to safely mediate interactions, in line with the main use cases involving commitment to fundraising in the form of an ICO. However, up to this point, each platform has completely focused on the online world and not on the physical world due to the integrity of the noisy and corruptible data of the current information channels. The XYO network worked on the concept of allowing developers, like those who write smart contracts for blockchain platforms, to interact with the physical world as if it were an API. The XYO network is the world’s first oracle protocol that allows two entities to transact in the real world without a centralized third party. Their abstractions allow them to make location verification reliable for developers by creating a protocol with new use cases that have not been possible to date. The XYO network will be built on an existing infrastructure of over 1,000,000 devices circulating around the world and distributed through its consumer-oriented consumer goods business. Bluetooth and GPS XY devices allow everyday consumers to place physical location signals on things they want to track (such as keys, luggage, bicycles and even pets). If they lose or lose that element, they can see exactly where they are seeing their position in a smartphone app. In just six years, the XYO network has created one of the largest consumer Bluetooth and GPS networks in the world.