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Why People Keep Playing the National Lottery

Nowadays, with Bitcoin lotteries ever so popular, one would think that the more traditional version of this game would cease to exist or at least lose a good share of its players. Nevertheless, it seems that the two can peacefully coexist as, obviously, there are still a lot of players who prefer the good old National Lottery and don’t go after cryptocurrency. That makes total sense, considering the good standing of the UK’s main lottery and the size of its jackpots.

One more likely reason why people choose the National Lottery over Bitcoin lotteries is the fact that a large portion of the tickets sales is used to finance various funds, charities, and social projects. So, even if you don’t win a mind-blowing jackpot (again), at least you’ll know the money was well spent and will go to a good cause. The profits are divided as such: one half makes up a prize fund, then a large share goes to charity, and the rest is used to pay the retailer’s fee, the government’s duty, and the company behind the lottery to cover operational expenses.

The National Lottery Games

There are several games you will find on the National Lottery website. Lotto is the lead game with easy-to-comprehend rules. Out of 59 balls, six are drawn during the game. The player’s goal is to guess as many numbers written on the drawn balls as possible. Guessing six numbers is worth a multimillion jackpot, and then the prizes go in descending order. If you predict five numbers plus the bonus ball, you will get a fixed prize of one million pounds. Two guessed numbers bring the minimum reward, which is a free ticket with pre-written numbers.
Next up is EuroMillions, which is, basically, the international version of the Lotto. The basic principle is the same, but there are five numbers to predict out of the total of 50. The ticket also has two empty spaces for Lucky Star numbers, which go from 1 to 12 and are used to create more combinations.

There are more dynamic variations of both games, dubbed Hotpicks. And Thunderball is another similar lottery game on the site. A ticket has five empty spaces for numbers 1 through 39, and an additional place for the Thunderball, which is 1 through 14. The main difference from other games is that the Thunderball number can play on its own. So, if you don’t guess any of the five drawn numbers but get the Thunderball right, you get three pounds.

Playing the National Lottery Online

As you see, just like with Bitcoin lotteries, there are various alterations to the game so that everyone can find a version he or she prefers the most. Also, this helps not to get bored with the lottery. And you hardly will, as the National lottery site has a Games Store with even more fun and engaging games. There are about 50 of them, and they include some games which are actually a rare thing even for the top Bitcoin lotteries, so you should give them a try, especially since they all have a free test mode.

To play the National Lottery, you can either purchase a ticket from a retailer or buy it on the site. There is also an app for Android and iOS devices, so you can play the games anywhere as long as you have your smartphone with you. Not only is it convenient, but also safer as you must have heard stories about winners who almost threw their lucky tickets away at times. That is not something you have to worry about with Bitcoin lotteries. And although the National Lottery does not support any cryptocurrency yet, one day it may. After all, it already has a well-designed site and online games, which means it tries to keep up with the times.

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