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Ways to Get Bitcoins for Sure. Tips & Advice for Beginners

Before we proceed, it’s crucially important to leave your glass house and realize that there’s no way you can come by Bitcoins in a snap. Just like you cannot make a fortune of USD or any other fiat currency – the process requires time, effort, and patience.

On the other side, this objective is quite achievable and promises you some serious earnings online. Secondly, you should acknowledge that it will always cost you something to get BTC. Not necessarily should it be money – time will do as well, or a specific action (like viewing ads or sharing your email address), etc. So, if you’re determined enough to score some virtual coins, let’s explore the currently existing options.

1. Micro-Earning

To be honest, this is the easiest way to penetrate the industry but it takes time. Besides, the rewards are unfairly low; thus, even if you do have free time on micro-earning, it doesn’t really add up. Also, beware of the viruses and malware – don’t click any suspicious links.

Paid-to-Click Sites

Basically, you’ll get small rewards for ad views and website visits. The only “but” here is the fact it will not compliment your effort – imagine you’ve been watching those 20-second ads for 24 hours in a row, how much do you expect to get? Well, it’s something around $10. You’re welcome.

Bitcoin Faucets

These are the websites giving away a small amount of BTC every few minutes. The truth is it’s hard to find a high-paying faucet; you can score about $2 per 24 hours of continuous work.
Micro Tasks
You can complete small & simple tasks, like retweet a post or test a web app, and get crypto money for that!

2. Bitcoin-Related Writing

Of course, to earn Bitcoins this way, you’ll need some writing skills, knowledge, and fluent English. But the result is totally worth it – you’ll see your BTC income growing like never before. Also, your earnings depend on the spot you choose to write for and your membership level. For instance, your participation in BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns may bring you up to $3 per hour (provided that you’re a full member and have posted at least 120 items).

Aside from that, there’s a chance to try your hand at writing cryptocurrency content for blogs and news portals. Without a doubt, you’ll get paid better, but that’s a lot of work for real. A top-notch writer with decent knowledge of the field can make around $35 for a quality 1000-word blog post. If you’re interested in earning BTC like that, look through the Coinality website for reliable bitcoin blogs you could possibly work with.

3. Cooperation with BTC services

This category encompasses every possible Bitcoin-related service, which is actually paid in cyber coins. Here are some suggestions that are in demand nowadays:

  • Website manager;
  • Mining expert;
  • Blockchain developer;
  • Online marketer;
  • Graphic design expert;
  • … and many more.

For example, you can become an escrow agent, arbitrate in Bitcoin transactions, and get paid for that. In case you fancy earning a decent amount of coins, you better work hard on your reputation. Otherwise, you won’t be able to win the community’s confidence.

4. Lending Bitcoins

This is the option the Bitcoin owners might like. The point is you lend out the desired amount of BTC to people involved in crypto-projects, the value of these lent bitcoins increases, and then you get your coins back with an interest. The scheme works out pretty much well, but there’s a risk you won’t get your money back. That’s why you should choose a lending project with many precautions.

Moving on to the next stop, which is all sorts of BTC investment sites, we are to warn you. This is a high-risk endeavor, and there’s nothing behind those promises of multiplying your virtual assets. Once you send them your coins, you won’t see them ever again. Such sites are rip-offs, so avoid them at all costs!

5. Mining

Despite the common belief, mining is neither a fast nor free way to become a Bitcoin owner. The veterans already know that mining is a time- and effort-consuming venture, which also requires some investment. First of all, you’ll have to spend on the PC maintenance, as it gets really hot and needs to be cooled down. Plus, don’t neglect the electricity bills. All in all, if you calculate your expenses and earnings, you’ll figure out that you’ll be making about 50 cents a day (LOL). Perhaps, this is the reason why newbies do not often stick to this Bitcoin-earning method.

6. Gambling

It goes without saying that this is the most popular and fastest way to get Bitcoins. By far, the Web is choke-full of bitcoin casinos that will be glad to accept your deposit in return for an opportunity to scoop the kitty. The pro about crypto gambling is that you don’t need any special skills to start; the con is that you’re likely to lose a lot chasing the jackpot.

7. BTC Traders

As of now, there are many variations of bitcoin traders, having one common trait – they do require serious knowledge from you. Among the main options, there is Bitcoin Day Trading, Contracts for Difference, and Binary Options. Day trading is about buying and selling BTC on the same day depending on the price fluctuations. CFDs – or Bitcoin contracts for difference – intends your purchasing of a contract for the virtual asset and their further reselling in order to boost profits. So, it means that you’re nowise involved in the actual holding of BTC.

Binary options keep gaining popularity and are based on your ability to make predictions on Bitcoin price. If you succeed, you get the option’s payoff; otherwise, you’ll lose the sum you’ve invested. Surely, there’s little chance to accurately predict where the price goes. But if you are delighted with the process itself, feel free to trade for as long as you wish.

8. BTC Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is a nice way to generate tons of virtual coins. Basically, you’re supposed to promote someone else’s product. Your commissions will depend on the sales you bring in – the more you do, the more you get.

9. Create a Rotator

Also known as a bitcoin faucet rotator, this is a website enabling you to instantly switch between numerous faucets without producing the unnecessary tabs. The rotator stores the referral links to each faucet, and once a user visits any faucet, its owner gets a commission. Perhaps, the only disadvantage of Bitcoin faucets is that they’re maintenance-demanding and need to be updated accordingly. But if you overcome all that, your earnings will leave you quite satisfied.

10. Bitcoin Games

Here’s another entertaining option to pocket some Bitcoins. In fact, this is a variation of gambling with the only difference – you don’t have to invest anything. You can simply enjoy the process while gaining some crypto funds (not too much, of course).

11. Questions & Answers

As simple as it can be: someone posts a question with a reward. If you answer this question better than the others, you will get the prize! However, don’t forget that some questions require online research, for instance, if you are asked to name the best BTC advertising platform, etc. Generally, the amount of the reward is set by the asker and equals to a minimum of 0.0001 BTC.

12. Salary in Bitcoin?

Laugh all you want but yes, some companies already pay their employees in BTC. It’s possible to get part of your salary paid out in fiat currency and the rest will be in cryptocurrency. Or, if you fancy becoming a Bitcoin tycoon, take the whole thing in BTC!

The Final Word

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can get BTC nowadays. Hopefully, this listing of bitcoin-generating suggestions will deliver on its promise. Before you rush into the enticing world of cryptocurrencies, please acknowledge that there’s no such a thing as easy money. It will always cost you something to make a fortune, whether your time, money, or effort.

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