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Virtual Casinos Where You Can Use Bitcoin

Our purpose is to share with you as much information about top online casinos as we can, so you are sure to use safe resources and get the most out of these sites: bonuses, user experience, entertainment and additional bitcoins. Go on reading and get to know more about the ultimate way to increase your BTC wallet balance.

About to start using bitcoin? Try gambling!

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin, often referred to as BTC, is the main digital currency in the contemporary world, having up to 40% share of the cryptocurrency market. BTC is built on the peer-to-peer system, allowing the bitcoin owner process their own transactions, without third parties’ assistance. It is managed by a decentralized financial platform, the blockchain. There are obvious advantages that make the digital currency a much safer payment method than long-established traditional currencies. They are much easier to handle in the digital world, and more suitable for all kinds of online activities, including gambling.

BTC payments occur when any Bitcoin holder transfers a certain amount of money from their own wallet to another. Transfers are not subject to additional fees, and all the operations take the minimum of time. This is one of the most important points in favor of Bitcoin. This is a totally different situation with bank transactions, which involve long verification processes and additional spendings on the provided service.

Additionally, with Bitcoin transactions, you have an advantage of being absolutely anonymous. The payments are made on your wallet address, which is represented by the combination of 26 to 35 letters and numbers. The wallet owner can access it with a personal key, so no other individuals can reach this information. While creating the bitcoin address, the user doesn’t need to enter any personal details, which increases the holder’s data safety. There is no chance to trace any personal movements on the blockchain. The owner’s funds can’t be used without their permission and the account can’t be frozen.

Bitcoin-Based Casinos

At the beginning of the Bitcoin gambling era, the first services were providing simple games such as dice. Later, with the development of the industry, the amount and quality of games was increasing, as well as their availability, switching from the web to mobile platforms. Old and new cryptocurrencies becoming more popular, are the reason for the growth of more services for gamblers who prefer to use the digital money for betting.

Some online casinos were created already as unique crypto-based services, others gradually introduce alternative payment methods, and let their users choose between the already existing traditional options and new ones. The disadvantage of these mixed casinos is that they still require users’ personal information to let them register and initiate financial transactions. Still, the number of online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies only is growing daily, which means that it will be easier to find a quality site with guaranteed anonymity and quick withdrawals.

If we talk about the choice of games, there is nothing peculiar about them, and they do not differ from those in traditional online casinos. In most cases, crypto casinos have a standard game catalog, with card games, classic table games, live dealer games, and slots. Some of them have a sportsbook section, others specialize in particular kinds of games. Nowadays many casinos are slot-based and provide an enormous choice of colorful 3D themes for those who like to spin the wheel.

Here are some features of a good online casino

When it comes to choosing the most convenient gambling service, you can spend hours trying to find the most comfortable, profitable and secure place to bet. If you know how to sort stuff quickly and accurately and know what to pay attention to, you will soon pick the right online casino for betting with bitcoin. Below, we’ll explain which aspects should be attentively studied in order to avoid fraudsters and cheaters, and enjoy gambling instead.

The first thing you should check is whether the casino has a license. The bottom part of the homepage usually has all necessary information about it. Also, you can go to the FAQ area.

Another important thing is the games collection. Design and their ability to entertain are important of course, but also check if there are any functional bugs there, if the gameplay is smooth if there are any delays in movements. This will be possible to check if the games have test versions, so you see what you are going to deal with before you make a deposit. Also, look through the list of providers and see if their names are familiar to you. Reliable software developers provide better games. To be sure the game results are really random and honest, check if the site has anything to say about provably fair games. This means that games can be verified by any user at any moment.

It wouldn’t hurt to get to know what other users think about this place. Search for reviews and try to figure out the general impression of people about this casino. You shouldn’t be too disappointed if you find some negative comments. Everyone’s experience is different, and not every player wins. The only reason why you should worry is when you see too many complaints and negative reviews. In this case, try to avoid the gambling service.

Customer support is a very important point, as this will show the real care and priorities of any online casino. Those who put their users’ safety and satisfaction first, will provide a professional 24/7 assistance. The more contact options they have, the better: email, live chat, phone number… It will be good if you find other members’ proof online in terms of the customer support quality and professionalism.

One more thing to consider

It is not surprising that so many people nowadays are obsessed with the idea of getting bitcoin and increase their funds by any means. But don’t get obsessed with it. Try to learn the essential information about how your wallet works, memorize the key, check additionally where you can use bitcoin, get to know how to verify your transactions. Don’t dive into complicated articles about blockchain. Basic knowledge will be enough for you to use bitcoin and be confident about your security.

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