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verime (VME) Historical Data | Current VME Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price VME. Maximal value of price verime was , Minimal price of VME was . Today price of verime is :

About verime

VeriME is an intermediate digital validation service (VaaS) that allows service providers who are its partners to validate and / or authenticate a potential customer that has already been verified and approved by VeriME. The verification process can be performed by the Customer at any time, anywhere within a few minutes, directly on the Customer’s mobile device thanks to the intelligent application that uses sophisticated technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Cloud Computing. VeriME helps to strengthen the transparency and accuracy of transactions and improves the user experience, saving time and costs for customer authentication and KYC processes. VeriME operates in a decentralized blockchain-based model. The profile of a client that has been validated and certified is stored directly on your mobile device, which guarantees privacy and eliminates the risk of data loss. VeriME is a complete ecosystem with three parties involved: VeriME team, customers and partners. Everyone is motivated to contribute to ecosystem development through a shared service fee scheme, unlocking the potential for unlimited expansion. VeriME launched the VME token in Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract as a cryptocurrency for the ecosystem. The VME token is a utility token, intended for use in the VeriME ecosystem. It is not a security. Finally, VeriME is one of those rare non-profit ecosystems in the Blockchain space that will reinvest all the revenues of its services in the improvement and expansion of ecosystem technology to increase the use of the VME token.