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unetwork (UUU) Historical Data | Current UUU Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price UUU. Maximal value of price unetwork was 0.0005071$ - 2020-11-16 17:00:10, Minimal price of UUU was 0.000311$ value and fixed at 2020-12-02 00:00:24. Today price of unetwork is : 0$

About unetwork

U Network is a revolutionary protocol for publishing and evaluating online content that allows online content platforms to better align with the interests of their users. It does this by rewarding content creators more for their work, allowing users to earn money for predicting popular content, making it easier to discover high-quality content, and allowing all users to be part of moderating decisions in content and governance. The first online content community provided by U Network will be U Community, a community of information on digital assets. U Network aims to build a user-generated content forecasting market. By building a solid pricing system for content, U Network encourages users to detect high-value content and share it with the network. The U community overlaps the U network. In the U community, there are four types of users: content creators, content browsers, community moderators and regular users. Using a content prediction market, U Community will sustainably generate high-quality content, helping users interested in blockchain technology learn more about various digital assets. In exchange for their work, content creators, explorers and moderators will be rewarded with U Network’s internal fuel Sugar, which makes it a positive-sum game for all users in the community. The U community will be implemented in the native blockchain of the U network with high accessibility, high performance and low latency. U Network will build an ecosystem of decentralized user-generated content driven by equity and quality.