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ultiledger (ULT) Historical Data | Current ULT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price ULT. Maximal value of price ultiledger was , Minimal price of ULT was . Today price of ultiledger is :

About ultiledger

Ultiledger is an open financial protocol that is committed to exploiting blockchain technologies to help credit organizations, including governments, banks, businesses, individuals, B2B e-commerce platforms, industrial sectors, etc., to quickly build very high financial security levels . Its distributed accounting technology (DLT) can achieve ecological transaction agreements at zero cost through a hierarchical blockchain configuration: the combination of a main chain, substrings and substring sets. In addition, Ultiledger is able to achieve system security, privacy protection, high efficiency and capital accommodation. In particular, Ultiledger focuses on the management and authentication of digital identities, the issue and trade of digital resources and the integration of IPFS technology into its ecosystem. By incorporating several files into the peer finance process in the IPFS network, as well as in the blockchain, Ultiledger finally incorporates blockchain technologies to real-world applications, greatly reducing unnecessary financial and trust costs of intermediate links. Similar to Bitcoin technology, Ultiledger is a non-intermediate value exchange protocol on the network; But unlike the closed Bitcoin ecosystem, the Ultiledger protocol has an exchange functionality, which can be interconnected with external financial institutions. We are committed to building a safer platform with a more open design, lower costs and at the same time a superior user experience. Last but not least, Ultiledger is extremely receptive to various regulations from different governments and leverages blockchain as a technological activator for a wide range of industrial entities. Ultiledger aims to build a fast, inexpensive, efficient, secure and reliable blockchain ecosystem that meets large-scale daily business needs. Ultiledger brings improvements to existing blockchain technologies in three main levels: the consensus level, the storage level and the smart contract level. In particular, it features a new consensus algorithm that promises a high TPS, a hierarchical architecture of substrings to further increase scalability, a decentralized storage system for convenient data access, as well as a modern smart contract development platform. flexible applications. Combined together, these improvements help the Ultiledger blockchain achieve high security, high scalability and TPS and high application flexibility.