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ugchain (UGC) Historical Data | Current UGC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price UGC. Maximal value of price ugchain was , Minimal price of UGC was . Today price of ugchain is :

About ugchain

Decentralized gaming ecosystem + Virtual Asset Management based on Blockchain technology. UgChain is its first ecosystem consisting of a series of decentralized applications in China, and its core is a decentralized account system (DAS) based on blockchain technology. The system has a built-in exclusive UGT (UGT) token, which simultaneously has the equity attribute and the monetary attribute. UgChain first entered the gaming industry and collaborated with 360, Hoolai and other famous game operators in China to design a game ecosystem solution with application scenarios that include the game distribution channel, account exchange. gaming, payment for games, purchase of virtual products, electronic games, league ownership, crowdfunding, communities and other areas. Using dual blockchain technology, they have created a Block-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that can be combined with artificial intelligence and big data more effectively to provide strong support for blockchain applications with many resources and accelerate the development of blockchain applications.