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uchain (UCN) Historical Data | Current UCN Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price UCN. Maximal value of price uchain was , Minimal price of UCN was . Today price of uchain is :

About uchain

UChain is the world’s first public infrastructure blockchain designed for the shared economy. UChain aims to establish a low-level peer-to-peer intelligent blockchain network to solve the problem of excessive transaction costs, credit insecurity and abuse of user data in the shared economy. Through UChain’s technological infrastructure, each shared economy can develop its own Dapp in the UChain network and issue its own token. In the future, with the increasing participation of foreign exchange service providers, UChain will become a more complete global autonomous economic exchange ecosystem. UChain cuts intermediaries and minimizes transaction costs. UChain will establish a decentralized blockchain network, which will allow peer-to-peer transactions between users and users. The traditional centralized platform will be reduced and we expect a transaction cost reduction of over 20%. UChain is a machine that creates user credits. UChain records all transactions on nodes distributed in the blockchain. This distributed ledger has super encrypted and indomitable features and is transparent and traceable at all times. That is, the «chain of trust» created is decentralized and difficult to decipher and once user transaction records continue to rise, user credits continue to accumulate, which is why UChain is a machine that can create User Credits. UChain returns data to users and ensures data security. UChain stores user and service provider data in the blockchain, including account data, resource data, transaction data, consumption data, etc. They believe that the data right belongs entirely to the user and to any third party other than the user does not have the right to consult and delete, subtract or create user data. Through the three previous efforts, UChain will lead the development of a new generation of shared economy.