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ucash (UCASH) Historical Data | Current UCASH Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price UCASH. Maximal value of price ucash was , Minimal price of UCASH was . Today price of ucash is :

About ucash

U.CASH is a blockchain-based financial platform and a digital asset conversion network with an integrated cryptocurrency for the payment of commissions, the execution of smart contracts and additional features. The retail converters are branches and ATMs. Retail converters range from physical companies to individual mobile converters, which offer in-person loading and unloading functionality. Online converters accept various remote financing options (such as bank deposits, online transfers, remittance networks and other forms of payment) increasing users’ ability to easily access the network even without a nearby retail converter. Partners are external suppliers that allow users to access specific services in their local areas. These include access to local bill payments, mobile phone service providers, remittance networks, loan management, prepaid cards and much more. Merchants are companies (or individuals) who accept U.CASH (or any other form of digital money) as payments for their services or products. Users are anyone in the world who really wants to control their money, digital assets, data and access to various services and funding methods, regardless of where they are located. Transactions are completely equal among all users, converters, merchants and associated service providers, allowing for quick settlement and high levels of trust when used in conjunction with our review comment system. Specific smart contracts enabled by blockchain technology regulate all transactions in the network while allowing access to previously impossible types of services, such as blockchain-based notarization and decentralized custody capabilities.