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truegame (TGAME) Historical Data | Current TGAME Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price TGAME. Maximal value of price truegame was 0.002465$ - 2020-10-22 12:00:15, Minimal price of TGAME was 0.0004574$ value and fixed at 2020-12-19 07:00:12. Today price of truegame is : 0$

About truegame

Truegame is a blockchain-based online game room for lotteries and games of chance. The platform allows you to participate in sweepstakes, win valuable prizes, play dice and many other games. Your game collection is constantly updated. The advantages of the platform: absolute transparency. Absolute transparency and independence are the basis of our solution and blockchain technology. The results of each game are verifiable in the open blockchain ledger and cannot be manipulated. Each game is based on smart contracts, the codes of which are publicly available to players. Fair deals for every player The game is based on completely random combinations received from the blockchain. These are safe and cannot be manipulated. Your earnings depend only on luck and mathematical probability. Winnings are distributed by the blockchain network, not by the casino administrator, strictly in accordance with the rules of the game. Advanced Privacy Today, personal data security is very important for players. Blockchain technology takes a new approach to privacy. The public register does not contain any personal information. However, it stores game data, which is publicly available.