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TrueFlip Casino Review

TrueFlip Casino Review
BTC in exchange for Flipcoins


4Games: Rapid to the Moon, Pirate Bay, Chain's Code, Flip’s Star
Features: 2FA, lottery, jackpot, Flipcoins, TFL token quarterly game, referral program, exclusive prize fund, multilingual support
Withdrawal & Fees: around 5% fee on the total prize pool, fees do not apply on withdrawals


One would think that with all the established gambling sites that have high casino ratings no one would actually consider opening new online establishments. And while it makes sense when these newcomers offer a great selection of bitcoin slots, True Flip casino is really something else with its current total of four crypto games. It positions itself as an international online casino with blockchain fair games, open source code, transparent prize fund, and instant payouts.

We couldn’t just walk by and decided to see whether True Flip has potential to become one of the top bitcoin casinos and what it has to offer as of 2018.


True Flip casino is relatively new and has been hosting its blockchain lottery since 2017. TrueFlip.io belongs to Blockchain Games N.V. Its license was issued, authorized, and is regulated by the government of Curacao.

Considering the growing interest in blockchain technologies and their usage in the gambling industry, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to create a site that would be completely transparent and use only open source software. And while that was definitely planned to be the main attraction of True Flip casino, its creators managed to provide the site with cute and memorable artwork. As the site keeps growing, we will probably see more of the joyful dolphin and his robot companion, but for now, we would like to compliment how well the greyish color theme used for backgrounds contrasts with the constantly present light orange elements representing the color of coins.

Even though True Flip may lack experience an older crypto casino would have, its menu buttons clearly indicate it was designed to be supported by the mobile devices, making it a modern-looking gambling site already, while some of its competitors seem to be in need of a redesign.


While it seems bizarre to launch a gambling site in 2018 without at least a few dozens of bitcoin slots and the whole range of traditional table games like poker or roulette, True Flip has managed to gradually rise in popularity with just four games available. This is, of course, due to the interest from the blockchain community, paying close attention to the True Flip’s in-house games performance. Designed to be transparent and independent, they are otherwise not special at all, but let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Flip’s Star

This game has the Powerball principle at its core, meaning it’s a simple lottery game. You have to buy a ticket for 0.0004 BTC and pick six numbers, first five from 1 to 49, and the last one from 1 to 26. You can either choose the numbers yourself or let them be automatically and randomly generated by the system. You can also decide to use these numbers combination in future games so that you don’t have to select them every time. An open-source randomizer determines the winning numbers every day at 20:00 (08:00 PM) GMT. The prize fund is made up of the money spent on purchasing tickets, and the winner gets it all.

Rapid to the Moon

This is a similar lottery game, the main difference being the frequency of the draws. In this game offered by True Flip online casino, Bitcoin jackpot is raffled every 10-30 minutes. There is also a difference in numbers players have to choose: it’s eight of them from 1 to 20 in one field, and at least one number from the same range in the second part. You can make an extended bet by choosing up to four numbers in the second field, increasing your chances of winning. A ticket price is 0.0002 BTC, and you can buy as many of them as you want. You can also increase your winnings by using the multiplier.

Chain’s Code

Chain’s Code will be interesting to slots lovers, as this is basically a slot game based on the Ethereum blockchain network. Simply place a bet, which starts from 0.00002 BTC, and hope to get a winning combination of digits. You can also apply multipliers, which will increase the amount of your prize should you be lucky to win. The highest multiplier is x5, and using it will automatically increase your bet.

Pirate Bay

This is an incredibly simple yet quite addictive game. You will be offered a field with 5 rows, each containing 3 boxes. Your goal is to get to the top of the field by selecting one box in each row, starting from the bottom one. Doing so will result in one of three outcomes, depending on what you’ll see behind the cell you selected:

  • Gold Coin means that you can move up and make your next guess.
  • Black Mark means failure.
  • Anchor means that the game is over, but you get to keep your initial bet.

You don’t have to get to the top row to win, but that is where the super prize awaits. If you choose not to risk, you can claim your current winnings by clicking Take no matter what line you are on.

The great news is that Pirate Bay is available in Demo version, letting you test the game without signing up.

Even though True Flip tries to provide some variety with its games, it’s clear they cannot compete in that regard with high casino rating sites partnering with some of the best software developers in the industry. Nevertheless, those who want to support such a great initiative may try these crypto games and even enjoy them. Eventually, there will surely be more options if the site remains successful, but for now, it’s a good start in using blockchain technology to provide games.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

There are no welcome bonuses, a VIP program, special offers, or even a bonus code to be entered at True Flip. Apparently, the site relies on attracting new customers with the active use of blockchain technology. It makes sense to suggest that at this point most revenue is used to develop new games and expand the number of supported features. And even though there are no announcements of a single upcoming promotion, this is something to be expected once the owners are able to provide them.


Visitors who decide to sign up are offered two options: they can either use their accounts from Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter or create a completely new one by entering an email and a password. Besides confirming being over 18 years old and agreeing to Terms of use and Privacy policy, you will then be asked to complete a registration form. True Flip casino supports Know Your Customer policy, which is why the new players are also required to provide their ID with a photo and proof of the address they indicated. It seems that if you prefer playing completely anonymous, you are somewhat out of luck at this online casino. Bitcoin casinos usually do not ask for so much information, but you can still be sure that your details will be kept private and are only needed to protect other players from cheaters and scammers.

True Flip games can be played by using a mobile device instead of a desktop computer or a laptop. You will get the same experience and features while playing on your iOS or Android device, and everything loads pretty fast.

Scam, Privacy & Policy

True Flip was created to promote a new type of an online casino, Bitcoin games of which would be as transparent as possible due to utilizing blockchain technology. Each of the available games contains a tab with all the necessary information and instructions helping to verify its fairness. Besides, True Flip’s source code is posted on GitHub for everyone to see. Additionally, if you do not want to perform any of these operations and just see a reliable proof, there is a Random Number Generator Certificate issued to the site by iTech Labs.

Despite all the transparency and proof, every player must realize that there is a risk of malfunctions due to the fact that the technology is relatively new and is not impervious to bugs and errors. This is something players are warned about on the site.

To learn more about True Flip’s operation principles, marketing strategy, plans for improvement and other details, refer to their whitepaper which can be found at the bottom of the page. This is where you will also find Terms of use and Privacy policy, providing a detailed list of their obligations and guarantees.

The True Flip casino has a useful Help Centre which covers most of the important questions. You can also contact technical support by sending a message. Unfortunately, at this stage, there is no live chat, which must also be another restriction of being a new bitcoin casino with a small number of followers.

Deposit & Withdrawal

True Flip casino supports a number of crypto coins, such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and a few more. You can deposit funds to your account using any of these currencies as long as the sum is no less than $50 equivalent.

Before you can make a withdrawal, the documents confirming your identity need to be verified. Once this is done, you can request a withdrawal in any of the supported currencies; the minimum amount is the same as for deposits. All withdrawals are subject to a 2% fee.

Bottom Line

True Flip can hardly compete with any other crypto casino with a high casino rating that we analyzed in other reviews. It has an extremely small amount of available games to play and no countless bitcoin slots, no bonus offers, and no loyalty program. The main reason why True Flip can be attractive to any gambler is its nature. Being at the forefront of online casinos based entirely on the blockchain algorithms makes it unique and innovative. Its success may determine the future of online gambling, where transparency and scam prevention has always been highly valued.

Another thing that matters is neat modern design along with the smooth operation of the site. There may be no sportsbook or even traditional table games, but you can still win quite a fortune and bath in cash in case you hit the jackpot at Flip’s Star, which currently amounts to impressive 400 BTC.

If you decide to support True Flip now and refer a few friends, that can be quite a contribution to the blockchain community. We are sure that given time, this crypto casino will offer more exciting games and introduce some great promotions, but for now, it is a cozy place with cute graphics and provably fair games.

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