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truedeck (TDP) Historical Data | Current TDP Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price TDP. Maximal value of price truedeck was , Minimal price of TDP was . Today price of truedeck is :

About truedeck

TrueDeck is an online casino platform that allows operators, developers and players to interact transparently through the blockchain. TrueDeck leverages Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology to offer a truly transparent and cryptographically secure casino experience. The platform serves online gaming companies and entities, i.e. casino operators, gaming solution providers, affiliates and players. The platform aims to be a «one-stop shop» for all online gaming services which include, among others, blockchain-hosted games, KYC / AML services, contract-based intelligent fund management, data intelligence, gateway integration. Payment cryptography and games from leading gaming solution providers. The TrueDeck token is the cryptographic asset that will be sold during the TrueDeck development journey to collect sufficient resources that can help TrueDeck achieve its milestones. TrueDeck tokens must be purchased by those who wish to be part of the ecosystem. They must believe in the future of the online casino industry for which TrueDeck is laying the foundation today. Over time, man has found a million different ways to play, even in gas stations, bars, open fields, casinos and even in the virtual world since the turn of the millennium. But the actors involved in this sector still face many problems; Let yourself be fooled by manipulated probabilities, long delays in payments, security of funds, stress to be respected with KYC / AML checks, 24-hour availability, just to name a few. Although the online gaming industry has enjoyed the benefits of recent developments in the software industry to provide real-time gambling to millions of users, the legacy infrastructure maintains its closed-wall mechanisms. With TrueDeck, operators, developers and players will witness a new way of playing that offers the same experience but offers a high level of transparency and access to valuable information. TrueDeck will help the online casino ecosystem discover new possibilities by incorporating blockchain and modifying its shape from scratch. They believe that the unified platform should serve all the actors involved. The platform must be structured in such a way that the ecosystem can feed itself independently, maintaining complete harmony with everyone’s needs.