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tokencard (TKN) Historical Data | Current TKN Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price TKN. Maximal value of price tokencard was 0.6642$ - 2020-11-09 03:00:10, Minimal price of TKN was 0.232$ value and fixed at 2020-11-10 07:00:14. Today price of tokencard is : 0$

About tokencard

TokenCard is a debit card that can be used at payment terminals all over the world, including ATMs. TokenCard customers return / finance their card with assignments of ERC20 compatible contract portfolios. Upon launch, TokenCard will allow users to fund their card with ETH, TKN and up to five of the following tokens that will be chosen for inclusion in the community: REP, MKR, DGD, ICN, MLN, GNT, 1ST and SNGLS. Over the years, numerous attempts have been made to bring cryptocurrency to the masses, but adoption remains slow and cumbersome. These companies and projects have not been able to identify and address the main problems present to enable the mass adoption of digital resources. The central problems remain: 1. Security, the storage of resources is cumbersome and people inevitably choose to keep their resources under the control of a third party, such as an exchange. This defeats one of the best cryptocurrency properties and exposes them to risks that have consistently proven to be catastrophic. You need a system that can store resources securely without compromising usability. 2. Usability, numerous steps are often involved in seeing the actual use of one’s digital assets. A user needs portfolios, exchanges and accounts in various services. They are required to withdraw, deposit, KYC and even become amateur traders. You need a system that eliminates these steps and offers a perfect plug-and-play experience for the uninitiated that can be integrated into all platforms. 3. Volatility, forcing people to use a volatile asset like Bitcoin is a prohibited option. People have talked and discouraged more than they attract, leaving only a risky fringe. A stable and more diverse asset class is needed. Thanks to Ethereum’s gaming exchange power, we now have the tools available to create a distributed bank replacement for the post-bank era that promises to solve these problems and, in the process, outperform traditional banking counterparties in terms of flexibility, efficiency. and transparency. The Token and TokenCard platform proposed in this document aims strategically and solves these problems and will be at the center of the effort to facilitate the widespread adoption of the convincing Ethereum ecosystem and dominate this next phase of financial history.