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The Most Played BTC Card Games

Playing Bitcoin Poker Games

It’s the first choice among bitcoin gamblers who enjoy card games online. Poker was always the top-played game for centuries. No wonder the first crypto gambling sites to accept bitcoin deposits and withdrawals had a poker high on their casino selection. What’s more, the popularity of poker also concerns its diverse variations that suit all sorts of players. The well-established online poker platforms for the US players are America’s Card Room/BlackChip Poker and Bovada, both belong to the Winning Poker Network. BlackChip and America’s Card Room started accepting withdrawals and deposits in bitcoins back in 2015, whereas Bovada has added this payment option a bit later, in 2016.

Bitcoin poker serves you such options:

  • Tournaments like Sit N Go with a fixed number of gamblers. The prize pools in such tournaments are fixed too. There are larger events like Multi Table Tournaments that have a huge amount of gamblers at a time, and the prize pool for this kind of affair is usually raised up to a specific amount. The multi table poker tournaments take a longer time to play, though the winnings are a lot higher if to compare with the buy-in.
  • The big blind game is a very popular cash game where each participant buys in with up to a hundred times the big blind. Usually, this kind of cash game is played at a table with a maximum of nine players, six players, and two players at the heads up tables.
  • A few more types of poker: No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. These two are the most popular variations among poker players. When playing the No Limit Hold’em, there are two cards dealt for each player and five cards are dealt in the middle. The players use these community cards to make the best five-card combination. In case of Omaha, the players are dealt four cards with face down. Each poker player uses two cards from community cards and two from hand.

Playing Bitcoin Blackjack

This is yet another popular bitcoin card game that offers a simple gameplay with a few bets. Basically, a player aims at getting as close to 21 as possible, aiming to hit it. This is what blackjack is called. A player bets against a dealer or casino, which also attempts to hit 21. There is an optimum strategy needed to play bitcoin blackjack in order to have the best casino odds. So, before you sit down at the bitcoin blackjack table, you should be aware of some important things.

  • Aces can be counted as eleven or as one. These are flexible cards that can be paired with face cards and tens to make a blackjack. They also help a player not to go over 21 by counting them as one and not as eleven. In case you get two ace cards, it is better to split them in two hands to have one ace in each hand.
  • The Dealer and each player are dealt two cards, one face up and one face down. However, the player has a certain disadvantage, because he can’t see what else is there in the dealer’s hand. If there’s a face card a dealer shows, or ace, or a ten, this means that the house has good chances to win.
  • There are a few dealer’s rules that the player can take advantage of. For instance, the dealer should hit on a 16 and stand on a 17. In case you think that the house card could bust them, it’s better to stand without hitting and try to reach 21. The player wins when the house busts and gets paid on the bets no matter which cards they have. Though a player must go first, so if he busts and the house busts, a player still loses.

Playing Bitcoin Baccarat

This game doesn’t require special skills, it mostly depends on the chance. Bitcoin baccarat is a popular game in crypto casinos because it brings a truly enticing gambling experience. It has been played during many centuries. The most favored option of baccarat is Punto Banco or so-called North American Baccarat. There are more options available in bitcoin casinos, including some strategic variations, but the Punto Banco seems to be the most popular type.

  • In the baccarat game, there’s a virtual shoe of a six deck or an eight deck. In this card game, tens and face cards don’t have any value. All cards that are less than 10 have the value of face. Aces are evaluated as one. As for the suits in baccarat, they do not have any meaning, whereas values of single digits have meaning. A count with a double-digit removes the left one for the count. For example, 16 is counted as 6, and 22 has a value of 2.
  • To start the hand in baccarat, the players bet on Punto or Banco. There are two cards dealt to the banker and the player. As a player, you bet on the hand, which you think has the highest value.
  • Baccarat works almost like roulette where you bet on red or black. The payoff is at even money here. However, if you place a bet on Banco, the bitcoin casino will take a commission from you of up to 5%. This is because a Banco commonly wins more hands throughout the game while all the decks are dealt. Basically, this is what bitcoin casino benefits from.

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