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The Irish Lottery Online Experience

Before Bitcoin lotteries came into play, the lottery world was ruled by physical tickets and scratch cards. With the rise of the Internet, most companies started offering a chance to join the lottery draws by signing up and buying digital tickets online, and so did the Irish Lottery, which dates back to 1987. There is no lack of participants willing to test their luck in winning a guaranteed jackpot of 2 million EUR which can get considerably larger after a series of consecutive rollovers.

The potential winnings even make many players close their eyes to poor design of the site. Not only does a green-orange color scheme look unimaginative, but the site’s interface is something new online casinos would hardly get away with. So it’s very fortunate that the Irish Lottery has got an established following and impressive payouts. Otherwise, it would stand no chance against the leading Bitcoin lotteries online.

The Lottery Games

There are several games you will find on the Irish Lottery site, but let’s start with Lotto, the main game here. You probably know the rules: the player fills in six numbers in his ticket, after which the same amount of balls is drawn from the total of 45. They have numbers on them, and if those match the player’s prediction, he gets a prize based on how many he guessed right. Winning a jackpot requires guessing all six numbers, and less will result in smaller rewards. However, they can be increased if you guess an additionally drawn bonus ball.

Other games include Daily Million and EuroMillions. The first game is exactly like Lotto only all rewards are fixed and do not change from game to game. EuroMillions offers insane jackpots, but the rules are slightly different. There are five numbers to be guessed, and additional two bonus balls are drawn, resulting in a longer list of possible combinations and prizes.
All of these games have the so-called Plus draws, which you can participate in for extra payment.

The Irish Lottery Casino Section

Following the example of the top sites hosting Bitcoin lotteries along with other games, The Irish Lottery has a casino section on the site. There, curious gamblers will find slots and all-time favourite live table games. That’s not such a huge selection, and it cannot be a substitute for other well-rated gambling sites. But at least the majority of these games are available on mobile devices, and, perhaps, the list will get extended in the future.

Besides, Casino Ireland has got an array of bonus offers in an attempt to win visitors over and make them at least consider this site before going to some heavily promoted online casino with decent Bitcoin lotteries. At first, you might even be impressed with a welcome 100% deposit match bonus, cashback, tailored offers, and weekly random bonuses. However, keep in mind that the requirements for clearing these bonuses are not the best you can find.

The Irish Lottery Bottom Line

The Irish Lottery is obviously better at its games of specialty than at trying to be an online casino with the whole range of gambling options. It also cannot boast having a stylish design, and the website looks rather dated. Nevertheless, once you get past that, you will get some enticing lottery games with generous rewards. It does not seem like this site is about to join the ranks of Bitcoin lotteries any time soon as it does not support cryptocurrency. However, even though you cannot use Bitcoin directly on the site to buy the Irish lottery tickets, you can try to win a jackpot and invest into BTC afterward if you feel like it.

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