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The Future of Bitcoin Betting in the US

2018 was an important year for the US sports and gambling fans, particularly those living in Delaware. This is the year sports betting stopped being outlawed within the state. The newly opened sportsbooks do not accept wagers online yet, but it is still a significant event which can potentially result in Bitcoin lotteries registered in Delaware, as well as in other states. Let’s see how this happened and what this means for the future of online betting in the US.

A Brief History of the Delaware Sports Lottery

Let’s go back to 1992, the year of accepting the PASPA act which put serious restrictions on sports betting throughout the country. Delaware managed to keep single-game bets legal without passing any new laws due to the grandfather clause which was applicable here. In 1976, parlay cards used to be sold in Delaware for a few months. That fact served as the basis for the launch of parlay wagering in 2009. Ever since, this form of sports betting has proven to be popular, and bettors have become responsible for a significant amount of profits the state has been receiving since then.

Later, Delaware attempted to cancel PASPA in court but to no result. It was New Jersey that finally managed to achieve that goal as the Supreme Court abolished the infamous act in 2018. That meant that states could now legalize sports wagering and control it the way they saw fit. Delaware did not linger and started working on extending the betting options for its residents. It all started with parlay wagers, and could one day lead to opening online casinos and Bitcoin lotteries within the state.

Placing Wagers and Buying Cards

In only a month, Delaware managed to open several establishments where betting could take place. There are three locations at the moment, and the citizens who want to play the Delaware Sports Lottery can head to either of them.

Although there is an official site for this lottery, called Sports Pick, it didn’t let visitors place wagers online at the moment of writing this article. Considering the evident interest the state management shows to gambling, there may already be Bitcoin lotteries there by the time you are reading this. For now, however, the site serves for providing bettors with various informations and updates. Upon visiting it, you will be able to find out the latest lottery results, the available betting options, as well as rules and any other related details. The site also contains a list of retailers you can buy parlay cards from.

Betting Options at the Delaware Sports Lottery

Sports betting can only be enjoyed by visiting the three casinos we mentioned before, yet they all have their own sites with other forms of gambling available online. You can access these sites from the Delaware Sports Lottery web page. Once you do, you will be offered to play slots and various table games, either on your desktop or via an app for mobile devices. Frankly peaking, these sites are no match to the gambling giants and Bitcoin lotteries, even if we do not take the best ones we reviewed. One thing for sure, they are more reliable than a good share of some better-looking online casinos due to being state-regulated.

As for the Delaware Sports Lottery, you can place single-game bets on football, baseball, soccer, basketball, boxing, hockey, MMA, golf, and auto racing. That is already much more options than other states can offer, and, hopefully, the US residents will soon be able to enjoy legal sportsbooks, online gambling sites, and Bitcoin lotteries.

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