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The Bitcoin Upgrade of Beloved Lotto Games

Gambling has always attracted lots of people in any of its forms, whether it’s playing at casinos, betting on sports, or playing slots online. Bitcoin revolutionized the online gambling world and resulted in the creation of Bitcoin games. Most of these were no different from the usual games but for the fact that they supported cryptocurrency, while others utilized the blockchain technology to implement the provably fair principle and conquer the players’ trust. Naturally, Bitcoin lotteries became popular as well, as many people could not resist the temptation of winning lots of BTC by sheer luck. However, the number of such sites is so immense, that it is crucial to understand which ones to choose.

The Popularity of Bitcoin Lotto

It’s clear to see why so many people play lotteries rather than other games like poker or roulette – it’s simple and does not take much time, and the top prizes are often phenomenal. Sure, lottery lovers understand that they cannot influence the results and have to rely on the whims of luck.

However, some players may think that there is some higher order deciding who is worthy of winning life-changing sums of money. So, to them, even Bitcoin lotteries are more of tools used by destiny or some other power to reward people for hard work, kindness, and other virtues. We are not going to argue with that point of view. The bottom line is no skills will help you to win the jackpot, but we can all dream of it, and for some people, that dream will come true.

Just like regular lotteries, Bitcoin lotteries come in many shapes, and lotto is one of the most basic and common of them. You probably know the rules: there are 49 numbers (starting at 1), and during the game six of them are drawn. These numbers are then compared to the six you write in your ticket before the game. If all six are the same, then you get the jackpot. But even if fewer numbers match, you are still entitled to a reward, although a smaller one. Most lotteries require at least two winning numbers for the minimum prize, although there can be different rules, as well as how many numbers have to be drawn and the total range.

Advantages of Bitcoin Lotto

Online gambling used to cause even more suspicions than the real-life raffles, but Bitcoin lotteries managed to finally bring transparency and convince players that they could trust the outcome. Some lotto fans found it difficult to play the game when there were no actual balls drawn, only their digital representation, meaning they were not seeing the process of determining the lucky numbers with their own eyes. And although crypto lotto kept that aspect, the games could now be verified by anyone if the site really made them provably fair. We highly advise to take a few minutes and figure out how that can be done, but should you feel reluctant to do that, at least make sure you are playing at a licensed online casino.

The good news is that in most cases, you can buy a ticket using various payment methods. And, once you win, you can receive your prize in Bitcoin. Considering that’s what most players come to Bitcoin lotteries for, that is very convenient.

Another advantage of online lotto is that the games take place very often, every five minutes or even more frequently. To those who are worried that it will depreciate the experience, there are special games with larger prizes that happen at longer intervals. So, playing Bitcoin lotto has nothing but advantages for everyone.

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