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The Best Ethereum Online Casinos

Following the rise of Bitcoin, the so-called altcoins also made their entrance. Ethereum can easily be called the most successful cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It was designed in 2013, but the system was launched in 2015. Despite being so young and definitely following Bitcoin in certain aspects, Ethereum has managed to gain wide recognition due to its innovations. However, the main reasons gambling sites started accepting it as a payment method are the same things people expect from a cryptocurrency: anonymous transactions, short transfer time, and decentralized nature. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using Ethereum in online gambling.

The Benefits of Using Ethereum

Ethereum’s wide applicability helped it to become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies short after its release. It offered a secure and trusted solution for various areas involving financial transactions. One of them was online gambling, which also heavily relies on the speed of transactions. Transferring Ether, which is the name of Ethereum currency, takes even less time than required for transferring Bitcoin.

Another aspect making Ethereum a perfect choice for using at online casinos is privacy. Most gamblers prefer to stay anonymous and do not want to share information about their spendings and winnings. This may not be possible with some traditional payment methods using fiat money, but Ethereum is a real answer to that problem. You don’t have to share any personal information to start using this digital currency, and the transactions only require addresses of the virtual wallets the funds will be sent to and from. You can buy and spend any amount of Ether for any purpose you want, and no one will know.

And last but not least, transferring Ether requires the smallest transactions fees around, and sometimes there are none at all. This is particularly useful to gamblers who often transfer funds between accounts at different casinos, depending on where it would generate them the most profit or bring some bonuses.

Potential of Ethereum

It’s important to understand that Ethereum is still at an early stage, yet its advantages have already allowed it to become widely used. One of the main problems preventing it from spreading even faster is that it’s not particularly user-friendly and requires some experience in using cryptocurrencies to better understand the principles of its operation. However, its developers are working on improving it, because Ethereum has a lot of potential in various industries.

Online gambling is probably the easiest and definitely the most exciting way of earning Ether. At this stage, you can simply use it as a gambling currency and gradually learn more about the possibilities this Ethereum system grants you. By the time you learn about its other applications, you will also have some virtual money on your hands, which get more valuable every day.

Best Online Casinos Accepting Ethereum

Unfortunately, not many sites accept Ether as a currency which can be used for deposits and payouts, even though the number of crypto casinos has already reached an impressive figure and keeps growing. However, it only helps the truly great gambling websites to stand out. We have gathered the top 2018 choices for those who have made up their mind about playing Ethereum casino games. They are in no way inferior to Bitcoin casinos or even traditional gambling establishments. Well, some of these sites have a limited amount of games and a very unimpressive design, while others offer a rich selection of games and some great bonuses only available when using Ether as a gambling currency. So don’t hesitate and choose one or more places to start playing at.

BitDice Casino

BitDice is a licensed online casino supporting a few major cryptocurrencies, including Ether. The site is offering two of its own unique games with two more being announced to come soon. And then, there are a few dozens of Bitcoin slots provided by Endorphina software developer.

DirectBet Casino

DirectBet is mostly known as a sportsbook supporting a number of cryptocurrencies. Despite being mostly sports betting oriented, it also offers some casino games. DirectBet does not require registration and can be accessed using an automatically generated account.

BitSler Casino

At the time of writing this review, BitSler only had four games, Dice, Roulette, CaraYcruZ, and Multicolor. Some of these games are homemade, which makes them unique. So, that’s a good chance to try something new you won’t find anywhere else. BitSler supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies.

Wheel of Doge

Despite its name, Wheel of Doge also accepts other cryptocurrencies, not only Dogecoin. It only features one spin-a-win game with some unique modifications. While the site does not have the most stunning interface, it’s quite nice and looks good on mobile devices. Wheel of Doge also offers complete anonymity as it doesn’t require registration. Visitors are automatically issued a unique URL they can use to access the site.

Multicryptos Casino

Multicryptos is not a gambling site many of us are used to. It is platform that offers a mix between gambling and investment games, offering 50 cryptocurrencies to use. So, in a way, it requires betting, but not the way you would playing slots. If you haven’t played investment games before, it may take you some time to learn the rules before you can start. If that approach doesn’t work for you, check some other sites with much simpler and faster games.

CryptoGames Casino

There are seven games at Crypto-Games.net which can be played using one of several virtual currencies, including Ether. Despite its minimalistic design, CryptoGames is a well-known place to play Dice, Lotto, Video Poker, BlackJack, Roulette, Plinko or a Slot game. Besides, there is an option to play without signing up.

FortuneJack Casino

FortuneJack is a fully-fledged online casino with plenty of games to choose from, including live games. It is a reliable gambling site that justly receives positive reviews and high casino ratings. Various bonus offers and an elegant design make it the best place to start earning Ether.

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