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starcoin (KST) Historical Data | Current KST Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price KST. Maximal value of price starcoin was , Minimal price of KST was . Today price of starcoin is :

About starcoin

STARKST will make it easier, more convenient and safer for people around the world to transact through the STARPAY payment system. Almost all experts predict that blockchain marketing will take around 10 years. STARKST was created to advance that time. In order for the blockchain to be commercially available, several requirements must be met. First, there must be minimal volatility. / Secondly, it must be safe asset management. / Third, rules and regulations for use are needed. / Fourthly, the purpose of use must be clear. / Fifth, everyone should be able to use it. STARKST was created to meet these five requirements. The most important thing for the blockchain to be a technological superiority system in a payment system is that it must be suitable for M2M (Machine to Machine) micropayments, which will become common during the Internet of Things (IoT). Although the distance between countries has been significantly reduced as the information in each country is updated in real time due to the development of transport and the Internet, the global payment methods currently used present numerous drawbacks and problems to be used. But with StarPay you can easily make a payment with a single payment password without a complicated process or a program installation process. STARPAY also uses the blockchain system to issue tickets. The data of all tickets are encrypted and archived sparingly to protect them from the risk of information theft. STARKST has signed a contract with iMe, Asia’s high-performance planner, to use STARPAY as a payment method for all concerts, festivals and fan meetings in Asia organized by iMe in 2018. STARKST’s goal is to complete the Pin-tech technologies with which people can pay more easily and securely, using blockchain technology and collaborating with existing technology. Blockchain technology has reached the world through STARKST. You can have fun and experience the STARKST blockchain technology with the stars and recognize the value of the blockchain. With the STARPAY payment system, we will allow people all over the world to make transactions easier, more convenient and more secure.