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starchain (STC) Historical Data | Current STC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price STC. Maximal value of price starchain was , Minimal price of STC was . Today price of starchain is :

About starchain

StarChain is the world’s first high-performance public chain in the culture and entertainment sector, adopts the advanced dBFT consensus mechanism mechanism module (BFT delegate), uses parallel cross-chain multi-chain technology to reach millions + TPS, also It can support large-scale commercial applications and confirm the transaction in seconds. The stratified node ecology of StarChain’s R&D design offers professional technology with high adaptability, resources and other services used for the blockchain, such as applications, frameworks, protocol, management and marking for companies, celebrities, IPs, jobs and individuals in the fields of culture and entertainment. The stellar chain aims to build a super incremental IP ecological system, which integrates content, personality, traffic and new decentralized marketed business models. At the same time, it acts as an infrastructure and central support to create a super ecology for IP interactions, people and content. The system really brings economic / personal / IP traffic and opens the new market to the blockchain! Realizes the value of alternative, symbiotic and renewable super IP ecology.