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sportyco (SPF) Historical Data | Current SPF Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price SPF. Maximal value of price sportyco was 0.00683$ - 2021-01-19 12:00:15, Minimal price of SPF was 0.0001465$ value and fixed at 2020-11-05 11:00:16. Today price of sportyco is : 0$

About sportyco

SportyFi, a decentralized sports ecosystem, is configured to facilitate change and reshape the sports finance sector. It will be an intelligent ecosystem, a global community that works on the Ethereum platform, using the smart contracting capabilities and other benefits of the blockchain revolution to minimize logistical problems and related costs and maximize the potential for low-cost, safe and secure transactions. Snapshots among participants in the sports economy, along with new ways for athletes and sports entities to achieve funding opportunities. Everyone loves sports. It pushes us to challenge our limits, keeping us healthier, happier and motivated with passion. Sport increases self-esteem and brings people together. However, the current sports industry is a huge billion-dollar commercial enterprise involving countless participants at all levels of economic activity, where goods and services are traded daily around the world. Athletes, especially promising ones at the beginning of their professional career, face many problems when it comes to financing their training and participation in world competitions. Many athletes depend exclusively on the institutions that control funding in sports, which therefore have their image and professional career rights. Many clubs and other sports organizations often struggle with financial and liquidity problems, with no channels to monetize the attention of their fans. SportyFi is about to change this. SportyFi will provide the wider global community with ways to invest in sport, providing potential fans and investors with the tools to participate directly in one of the largest and fastest growing industries. By discontinuing the existing funding model for sport participation, SportyFi will allow the sport community to raise funds independently worldwide, creating new strategies for investing in sport. To this end, SportyFi will launch a Smart Manager platform and a professional SportyFi fund.