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Sportsbook Overview

Nitrogen Sports is a true synonym to a sports betting site. Not only was it one of the first Bitcoin sportsbooks, but it managed to become one of the best and retain its position. The site is best known for its immense catalog of sporting events and great customer care. Nitrogen Sports may not seduce you with the number of bonus offers and promises of a generous reward for simply signing up, but it will not leave bettors unsatisfied. Competitive odds, strong security, and convenient interface justify the appraisal and high rating that Nitrogen Sports constantly receives.

The site was launched back in 2012, at the dawn of Bitcoin entering the sports betting world, so it has had a long run and managed to gather a lot of valuable experience, using it for improvements. Nitrogen Sports and the company it is owned by, Ideal Media Inc., are both located in Costa Rica, while the sportsbook’s managers and marketing department are Canada-based.

Nitrogen Sports Review of Betting Options

Although even the name of the site indicates that it focuses on sports, these are not the only betting options present at Nitrogen Sports. There are a few classic table games, but there are no more than a dozen of them. So, although we had to mention these provably fair games, they are not enough to make Nitrogen Sports a competitive online casino.

Sports betting is what people come here for, and the site delivers the ultimate experience. Rather than providing a long list of the available sports and leagues, let us just say that every popular sport you can think of will be present here with lots of options. And then there are lesser known games for anyone interested, along with eSports and betting on various entertainment awards.

We are sad to confirm it, but live betting is not the strongest side of this sportsbook. We experienced problems with the displaying of odds and other information in real time, and that can be a crucial issue for live wagering. But if you are not going after this form of betting, then Nitrogen Sports will hardly disappoint you.

Features and Bonuses

Hopefully, live betting will be fixed soon enough, making the site bereaved of any serious drawbacks. This is more than an empty wish because it’s obvious that the site is well-kept, and the team behind it is eager to improve it for users’ convenience.

Take the registration process, for example. Each user receives an automatic account linked to the computer used for access. You can easily enter it again due to the login information being stored in cookies. This is very convenient and quick, and you can use this account for betting on mobile devices as well. Surely, it is possible to create an account by yourself for better security.

Nitrogen Sports does not have various bonuses, it only offers reduced juice. However, if you stop to think about it, it is a much surer way to benefit from sports betting, as all those bonus offers, however attractive they are, usually have a set of requirements which are not always easy to meet.

Summing up the Nitrogen Sports Review

Nitrogen Sports turned out to be a practically ideal place for sports betting fans. Its main disadvantage is live betting, which has some performance issues and a scarce amount of classic casino games. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about. The sportsbook is rich with betting options, the odds are some of the best out there, and reduced juice makes up for the absence of common promotions.

Daniella Reyes

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