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Sportbet Review

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Sportbet Casino is not new on the online gambling scene, and by 2018 it has been a place for people to bet on sports for over two decades. The fact that this Bitcoin casino is still receiving positive reviews, granting it a high casino rating, means that sports enthusiasts can rely on it and abandon any suspicions of the Sportsbet scam attempts. And while many bc casinos tend not to include a sportsbook on their sites, Sportbet takes care of those visitors who wish to have more than sports events to bet on. In this Sportbet review, we will discover all of the available options and see whether this gambling site poses any threat to the competitors as a blockchain casino.


The Sportbet site dates back to 1996 when there were no such things as a crypto casino or crypto games. It holds the license issued in Puerto Rico and is currently owned by 5Dimes Corporation, which also has a few other bc casinos under its roof. Sportbet gradually grew in popularity until it became a well-known gambling site with the rank it has had for many years now. Despite this global popularity, many sites with reviews do not consider it is worth to be included in their casino rating. The major explanation to that is that the Sportbet site is not multilingual and its main focus is on the US players. Other than that, there are hardly any serious complaints about this slot site. Sportbet is mostly recognized for its impressive sportsbook and attractive odds, but many players come here for additional gambling options as well. We will speak about them in more details in the next section of our Sportbet review.


sportsbook, online casino betting, gambling site

It’s only right to begin with the sports section since that is the main attraction of Sportbet casino. There are popular sports like football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf to bet on, as one would expect. And although that would be more than enough for some visitors, Sportbet doesn’t stop at that and also offers much more betting options. Those include Nascar racing, volleyball, cricket, rugby, wrestling, and more. There are also some less frequent options like politics and some seasonal events. The thing is, only events with active bets are shown on the Sportbet site, so you will see a different number of options when you visit it some other day.

Besides a sportsbook, there are the following classic casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, dice, bingo, lottery, and others. They are, however, not available to play on the Sportbet site but have to be downloaded, and this can be done only after you complete the Sportbet sign-up procedure. This seems like a lack of attention to those visitors who would want to try these games, because that is an old approach to online gambling. In the time when any decent blockchain casino has an Android and iOS app available, this is a serious oversight. However, considering that Sportbet is not a slot site, it shouldn’t affect its casino rating too much, especially considering that the sportsbook features are working like a charm on the mobile version.


Before being able to do any wagering, you first have to go through the Sportbet sign-up. Although there is nothing complicated, it will take longer than registering at a regular Bitcoin casino. This is because you will be asked to provide your personal information like full name, address, phone number. Obviously, staying anonymous is not an option on Sportbet. Scam accounts can be a real problem, that is why some bc casinos require verification. There is also a PIN you have to come up with for future communication with customer service. Other than that, the Sportbet sign-up is nothing out of the ordinary.

What makes Sportbet an exceptional Blockchain casino is that everything is thoroughly explained on the site, especially when it comes to sports betting. If you are new to this, you will find all you need to know about wagering, types of bets and odds. Besides, Sportbet casino offers toll-free call support for the US players.

We have to touch on the design of this crypto casino’s site, and it’s pretty dull and nothing fancy, but at least it’s not pretentious or trying to look like a slot site it’s not. As for navigation, it could also be improved, because there are too many things on the site, and finding them may take time. However, once you spend some time on this site, it becomes more convenient.

Bonuses and Promotions

The Sportbet bonus program does not have many promotions, but the available ones are pretty generous. The gambling site offers its visitors their first reward right after they sign up. This welcome Sportbet bonus brings you 50% of your first deposit if it’s less than 400 USD. In case it’s more, a player gets a fixed bonus plus additional 20% of the deposit. This is valid for deposits under 1,000 USD; those equal to that or more are worth 200 USD as a fixed bonus and 20% on top of that. The largest Sportbet bonus comes with depositing 2,000 USD and amounts to 520 USD.

Other bonuses are available in the form of cashback, so betting on casino games, bingo, or horserace will make you eligible for a return of 5% to 10% of your wagers that were not lucky. And each of the casino sections with the casino games has its own bonuses, so check the bonus page to learn all the details.

Scam and Privacy

It would be weird to consider Sportbet scam with its 22 years in business. A slot site cheating its customers cannot do that for long, especially in the age of the Internet when information and news spread with the speed of light. Also, a scam site would face tough competition against other bc casinos that we have no lack of today, many of them with a high casino rating. But even if we ignore the long-lasting history Sportbet has, it takes all the necessary security measures to protect its clients from any unpleasant experience on the site. There is no need to worry about personal information you provide during registration, as it is safely stored and not to be disclosed.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Sportbet blockchain casino accepts Bitcoin and fiat money. Unfortunately, you can’t deposit Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bytecoin or any other altcoins here. As for the payment methods, you are free to use Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill. Minimum and maximum deposit, as well as processing time and fees, vary depending on the payment method you decide to use.

Winnings can be withdrawn via a wire transfer, a debit/credit card, Skrill, Neteller, a cashier check, a money order, or a prepaid card. Person-to-person transactions are also available for Bitcoin and are not subject to any fees.

The Bottom Line

sportsbook, poker, play casino, betting, roulette

We are ready to announce the results of this Sportbet review. While it doesn’t stand a chance against the industry’s best sites as a Bitcoin casino, since the games and the playing process are somewhat outdated, it is not the Sportbet’s main focus. Its sports section has been meticulously improved over the years to provide a quality experience and a perfect understanding of wagering on sports. And that is what matters the most because far from any crypto casino can challenge Sportbet in terms of sports. The site is not perfect, but it is reliable and delivers what it promises.

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