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snowgem (XSG) Historical Data | Current XSG Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price XSG. Maximal value of price snowgem was , Minimal price of XSG was . Today price of snowgem is :

About snowgem

SnowGem (XSG) is a decentralized cryptocurrency or currency used through the Internet. It is described as an ecosystem that allows you to transfer value, transparently or privately, anywhere in WHAT IS SNOWGEM? world without the need to rely on a central authority such as a bank or other clearing house. SnowGem users can send or receive XSG quickly, reliably and securely using a personal computer, laptop or mobile device. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel from scratch, SnowGem founder Tinh Pham (TXID), after studying the code base of other cryptocurrencies, decided to base SnowGem on Zcash. Zcash is the first cryptocurrency to apply zkSNARK (concise knowledge topic with non-interactive zero knowledge) which allows the parties to prove a declaration without revealing any information other than the validity of the declaration. SnowGem started as a fork of the Zcash blockchain (5) and inherited all the Zcash features at that time (December 23, 2017). SnowGem officially launched its blockchain on December 25, 2017 after 72 blocks had been sealed. During the first 72 blocks, no external miner was able to mine (less than 7 XSG were mined during this period). It was deemed necessary to ensure that the blockchain started smoothly. Masternode payments were activated on April 15, 2018. This means that SnowGem became the first Equihash algorithm-oriented cryptocurrency with zkSNARKs (6) to implement active masternode technology. Like all cryptocurrencies, people have chosen to adopt SnowGem as a means of exchanging / storing value through personal choice. An innovative feature, brand affinity or high trust in the community could be reasons for doing so. The main advantages of using SnowGem are: • SnowGem does not have authorization, therefore anyone can use its services. • It is accessible from anywhere in the world. • It has no central point of error. • It is free from government censorship. • SnowGem users receive regular block prizes for participating in the protection and decentralization of the network protocol.