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snapcoin (SNPC) Historical Data | Current SNPC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price SNPC. Maximal value of price snapcoin was 0.02434$ - 2021-01-19 12:00:15, Minimal price of SNPC was 0.00627$ value and fixed at 2020-10-21 00:00:17. Today price of snapcoin is : 0$

About snapcoin

Snapparazzi is a revolutionary Blockchain-based platform where users receive a payment for the multimedia content they generate. Snapparazzi revolves around users who create photos and videos that can be sold on television, newspapers and other media. Therefore, users of the application become independent reporters every time they film or photograph important events during their daily life. Snapparazzi permanently solves the problem of incomplete media coverage. With over 2.3 billion smartphones in the world in 2017, each user can become a potentially unique and unique source of exclusive images and photos of events of journalistic interest. When an event of political, social or entertainment value occurs randomly somewhere in the world, a TV or journalistic team is not always there to catch it. However, anyone with a smartphone and the Snapparazzi app can register it and earn money by selling it for transmission to an available buyer, whether it’s a local news station, a global giant like CNN or Fox or a store. online communication. With Snapparazzi, viewers around the world can finally access exclusive photos and videos that they would not otherwise see. In addition, media companies can get exclusive images in real time and in a very convenient way, avoiding the costs and obstacles associated with film crews and journalists. The ubiquity of smartphones, and their growing number, guarantees a huge content market that provides the public with more information, improves the quality and completeness of the news and challenges the barriers of censorship. Snapparazzi’s multimedia content market works with SnapparazziCoin. This Ethereum based token is used for every transaction and payment within the Snapparazzi platform. Ethereum’s unchanging registration technology, in addition to immediate transferability, ensures that all payments are instant, secure and permanently recorded. This allows Snapparazzi users to get paid anywhere in the world and for media providers to purchase content from anyone in the world. The parties agree on the prices of videos and photographs on a case-by-case basis through an open system of action, based on quality, marketing, theme, etc.