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showcoin (SHOW) Historical Data | Current SHOW Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price SHOW. Maximal value of price showcoin was , Minimal price of SHOW was . Today price of showcoin is :

About showcoin

ShowCoin is the first digital cryptographic virtual currency designed for delivery services of live digital entertainment content and blockchain-based products and smart contracts. ShowCoin, the inexpensive systems and basic services that surround it are primarily designed for the global distribution of digital interactive entertainment. On this basis, it can serve different organizations in different cultures, different countries and different linguistic backgrounds in an open ecological environment. «Show» is one of the organizations operating around the ShowCoin ecosystem. Unlike existing blockchain-oriented DAPP projects, they are directed directly to the content producers themselves, as well as to the professional brokerage firms and operating organizations behind them. They call those organizations that work around «club» content producers like the traditional circus and show companies serving singers. They will establish our first Show Coin-based foundation club, namely 1show (1show.club), for participants of the ecological future as a demonstration. The 1show club has the same rights and responsibilities as other organizations across the ecosystem. 1show will work with some of the world’s leading modeling agencies, such as «The Victoria’s Secret», to bring together the best top models and influential celebrities in the world, providing them with a Show Coin-based point-to-point live streaming service and focusing on content from entertainment, cosmetology, makeup and e-commerce to produce a demonstration effect so that more producers of good content can participate in the entire ecosystem as organizations and individuals.