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santiment (SAN) Historical Data | Current SAN Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price SAN. Maximal value of price santiment was 0.1645$ - 2020-11-25 19:00:13, Minimal price of SAN was 0.07$ value and fixed at 2021-01-11 16:00:12. Today price of santiment is : 0$

About santiment

Santiment is a platform to access cryptocurrency data, share ideas and learn how cryptocurrency markets work. We welcome data scientists, cryptocurrency traders and investors and anyone who is passionate about promoting trust and transparency to create a better society for all people. Part of the market intelligence comes from the Santiment platform itself, based on data collected and provided by network participants. For example, Santiment provides visualizations of the «intensity of crowd sensation» and its «sensation patterns». Therefore, the platform, created by the central development team, is a major player as creators of analysis and sentiment applications. Additional market information comes from network participants. We can divide these participants into the following groups: • Merchants and investors • Financial content analysts and writers • Data scientists