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redmwat (MWAT) Historical Data | Current MWAT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price MWAT. Maximal value of price redmwat was 0.008933$ - 2021-01-16 17:00:07, Minimal price of MWAT was 0.001431$ value and fixed at 2020-11-04 06:00:08. Today price of redmwat is : 0$

About redmwat

RED-P is a software platform for the global decentralized energy supply. Consumers and producers register to use RED-P to gain access to 1) global energy supply; 2) smart wifi meters; 3) watt prediction software; 4) exchange of peer-to-peer energy (P2P); 5) potential to win green certificates. The innovative features of RED-P include: — Any registered user can buy or sell to any other registered user — Some consumers are also generators (for example, wind / solar) since large power plants (gas, coal, nuclear) are being replaced by thousands of consumer generators (prosumers). — P2P: all parties in our ecosystem can exchange directly between them. — Consumers will receive standard RED-RED ecological certificates for the use of renewable energy. With the new platform, we expect energy companies to adapt to the new economy. Energy companies will begin to accept payment of token energy bills, as there will be a market for these tokens. Finally, RED-P will increase competition in the electricity market. For example, with our model, consumers can «automatically change» their energy supplier every 30 days. The system will present consumer contracts every 30 days without interruption, ensuring a more competitive market and prices that really reflect the market. RED MegaWatts (MWAT) are ERC20 utility tokens that give access to the RED platform software and the RED franchise. The RED platform is a blockchain-based decentralized energy trading platform that allows consumers, prosumers and energy producers to send and receive energy worldwide. The token energy sold on the RED platform can be physically supplied at local tariffs in countries with liberalized energy markets where Restart Energy will be present directly or through its franchises. The RED franchise is the first energy retail franchise that makes it easy and easy to start and run your own energy services company. MWAT is the first token supported by a real opportunity. Each MWAT allows users to buy or sell up to 1,000 KW tokens per month, in the RED platform software. KW (KWT) tokens can only be exchanged on the platform and can maintain a virtual energy load.