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Playing Bingo and Winning Bitcoin

There has been some prejudice towards bingo, and some people don’t even consider it gambling, as it does not require the same amount of skills and efforts, as, say, poker. That is true; bingo is a simple game to learn, and many players love going to a bingo house not only for potential prizes they can win there but for the sense of comradery. Those who just want to play the game can either use a TV or online version. And lately, there has been a spike in the popularity of Bitcoin lotteries. Not only are they convenient and can be played from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or a tablet but offer a chance of becoming an owner of a neat amount of the desired cryptocurrency.

The Rules of Bingo

The rules are simple, and the reward is more than generous. Those are the two main reasons for the popularity of bingo. In this lottery game, the balls numbered from 1 to 90 are selected at random, while players cross them out in their tickets. There are three rows and nine columns with 15 numbers in them. The drawing continues until someone completes one line, two lines, and gets a bingo meaning they get all numbers in their ticket covered.

This is the UK/European Bingo, while American Bingo is notably different. There are only 75 numbers instead of 90, Bingo cards have 5 rows and 5 columns, with the word BINGO written on top. Each ball has a number and a letter on it (B, I, N, G, or O), signifying one of the five columns you should look for that number in. A winning line is five numbers in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Why Bitcoin Bingo Is Better

There are other variations as well, and with Bitcoin lotteries, their number may have grown even higher. You will find games both styled after the classic bingo people know, as well as new versions of it. Some make the game more dynamic, others add more ways to score and win a prize. The point is if you’re into bingo, you will never get tired of it with all the options.
Being able to play bingo from home without having to go to a bingo house is an absolute pleasure for many fortune chasers, but that is not the only advantage of Bitcoin lotteries. Now, any decent gambling site will have an app or at least a mobile version which will properly display on a small screen and won’t be a castrated version of the site.
Another reason why online bingo gets so much attention is the price of the tickets, which is usually lower. This is possible because most sites do not charge any fees for Bitcoin transactions, so you can use it for purchasing a ticket.

Bitcoin Bingo Tips

We will not give false hope saying there is something besides luck that will help you win. Nevertheless, there are a few tips that definitely would not hurt.

There are certain patterns most bingo games have, and knowing them might help you find a winning ticket. Lots of Bitcoin lotteries have a free test mode, which will be useful in learning to understand those patterns.

A larger quantity of tickets may have a positive effect, but instead of buying them all yourself, consider participating in a bingo poll. Draw an agreement that if anyone in your group wins something, the prizes will be evenly shared among all of you.

Finally, the time when you play bingo is as important as the place you play at. The best time would be when there are the least players on the site, and that is usually during the working days and when the sun is still in the sky. As for the best sites with Bitcoin lotteries, you can start with Bitcasino, FortuneJack, CloudBet, mBit Casino, or some other online casinos we reviewed for you.

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