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phore (PHR) Historical Data | Current PHR Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price PHR. Maximal value of price phore was , Minimal price of PHR was . Today price of phore is :

About phore

Phore (PHR) is a digital privacy cryptocurrency, an update and a change of the KryptKoin (KTK) brand which was previously announced in May 2014 and whose distribution started on May 21, 2014. Phore Blockchain allows the transfer of value through an accessible, standardized safe, flexible and scalable ecosystem. The platform supports a variety of applications and companies offering a growing range of features which include: * Fast, scalable, secure and reliable transactions * When using Phore, options are available for private and transparent transactions. * Earn rewards by participating in the Phore network, similarly to interest payments. * The decentralized Phore market is a real use for the Phore currency. An open beta version of the market is now available. Download the dAPP from the Marketplace page and start shopping. * An advanced and flexible smart contract platform to create decentralized applications (dAPP) that can be used in conjunction with private transactions, enabling new decentralized and private business models that keep you in control of your money and personal information. * Generalized accessibility of the Phore currency and ease of use. * Experience and experience you can rely on for the design and development of Blockchain technologies, applications and services.