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penta (PNT) Historical Data | Current PNT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price PNT. Maximal value of price penta was 0.55$ - 2020-12-07 03:00:16, Minimal price of PNT was 0.2849$ value and fixed at 2020-11-07 07:00:08. Today price of penta is : 0$

About penta

Penta is a new generation platform for public and private blockchain projects, designed to be a primary platform for the transfer of value and the operation of decentralized high-performance applications. Penta will remove obstacles and reform the blockchain landscape by placing an emphasis on the impact on the real economy. With its unique consensus algorithm (DSC) and a truly distributed network architecture, Penta is building the most inclusive, fair and decentralized blockchain community in the world. The Penta network can connect to a wide range of blockchain networks with existing networks and digital systems outside the chain, providing a complete solution to the interoperability problem. At the heart of Penta Network is a solid public blockchain infrastructure that supports a high performance application platform. In the same way you can download applications from the App Store on your smartphone, you can access decentralized applications (DApps) that run on the Penta blockchain. The distributed applications launched in Penta can pass through digital networks as productive tools for the digital economy. Through its unique and innovative technology and its commitment to building an inclusive and decentralized community, Penta will be able to achieve its goal of being a «universal Blockchain Connector» by connecting blockchain technology to the real world. The main team members of the Penta network come from major technical and financial organizations around the world, including NASA, Google, Morgan Stanley, ABN AMRO and Deutsche Bank. The expert team of Penta has a world-class experience in the technical, commercial and economic aspects related to the development of the blockchain.