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peerplays (PPY) Historical Data | Current PPY Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price PPY. Maximal value of price peerplays was 0.5723$ - 2020-12-24 19:00:07, Minimal price of PPY was 0.09052$ value and fixed at 2020-12-13 10:00:07. Today price of peerplays is : 0$

About peerplays

Peerplays is a decentralized and demonstrable global gaming platform built on the most advanced blockchain technology available today. Peerplays introduces a new paradigm of fairness, speed, transparency and security in the global gaming industry. Peerplays creates a manifestly fair and verifiable gaming platform, because the online gambling and gambling industry has been constantly plagued with allegations of fraud and cheating by players and system administrators. Peerplays also offers an alternative for processing payment of bets, as the current legacy system often involves complex obstacles to legal compliance which need to be addressed separately in each country of business. If payment processing can be outsourced to a decentralized blockchain, third-party gaming partners can be downloaded to reduce the market access barrier.