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palletone (PTN) Historical Data | Current PTN Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price PTN. Maximal value of price palletone was , Minimal price of PTN was . Today price of palletone is :

About palletone

PalletOne is based on cross-chain technology and aims to break the island of isolated blockchain value, achieve interconnection and intercommunication between blockchains and build the network of values ​​in the blockchain world. In the design of the token economy, PalletOne, combined with its technical characteristics and long-term goal, refers to the principle of 7 of the economic blockchain system and avoids 8 traps in the design and performs a solid token ecology system through the distribution of different levels. ● Zero distribution: PalletOne initially issues one billion PTNs and distributes them to communities, funds, equipment and angular investors in different proportions. After initial distribution, PalletOne will continue to issue PTNs to deposit holders, supernodes and as a voting incentive subsidy. ● Primary distribution: Token holders can use freely-owned tokens, including but not limited to transferring, paying deposits, distributing contract templates, purchasing contract templates, and invoking contracts, etc. Users can also get the token as follows: transfer, security deposit interest, broker’s transaction fee, jury contract execution fee and developer income from developer staff, etc. ● Secondary distribution: the PalletOne Foundation, as the governmental institution of all ecology, takes as its objective the development of health development to develop the ecology of PalletOne, punishing behaviors that do not bring benefits to the PalletOne system and technology by starting a community governance proposal, and also rewards the beneficial behaviors for the system and the ecology of PalletOne by carrying out activities and the context of the developer, etc., to build a thriving PalletOne community ● Tertiary distribution: PalletOne encourages development Dapp inserts it and, in addition to the uploaded model, the developer can also issue the contract model for free and the user can encourage the developer in the form of a prize. As a system token, the PalletOne token is widely used throughout the system’s operating process, 18 https://pallet.one/ and the abstract token layer presented by PalletOne makes it possible for users to define their own token quickly and effectively Based on the PalletOne token summary level, the user can develop a homogeneous token similar to the currency and can also develop a non-homogeneous token similar to Cryptokitties, without user coding, and it is only necessary to define some parameters in the PalletOne token model. In combination with the smart contract, the token abstraction layer can apply ecological token, value anchor token and capital financing token. PalletOne is a system for the benefit of miners (mediators and jurors), smart contract developers and contract users. Only a stable token model and solid circulation logic can generate a sustainable application ecology and provide a platform that users want to use.