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omnitude (ECOM) Historical Data | Current ECOM Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price ECOM. Maximal value of price omnitude was 0.002929$ - 2020-12-07 08:00:07, Minimal price of ECOM was 0.0001762$ value and fixed at 2020-11-04 03:00:08. Today price of omnitude is : 0$

About omnitude

Omnitude is an intelligent blockchain platform that connects blockchain technologies, e-commerce platforms and business systems involved in building end-to-end supply chains. The use of Omnitude as a level of integration between existing systems allows the rapid deployment of blockchain technology without the need to replace current systems. Omnitude allows companies to solve problems in ways that were previously not possible, without the rise of blockchain technology. Omnitude can help to achieve: • The creation of transparent and responsible supply and production chains • E-commerce fraud • Enabling a unique customer identity to be used in any connected Omnitude e-commerce site • Blockchain integration between company systems such as ERP and WMS The Omnitude platform is open and transparent, allowing anyone to design and build Omnitude applications to integrate with existing solutions in e-commerce, the supply chain and business systems.