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nework (NKC) Historical Data | Current NKC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price NKC. Maximal value of price nework was 0.01077$ - 2020-12-11 12:00:09, Minimal price of NKC was 0.00012$ value and fixed at 2020-11-06 20:00:17. Today price of nework is : 0$

About nework

The Nework Foundation Ltd was founded in Singapore and is managed on a non-profit basis. Nework is an incentive platform to connect human labor skills based on blockchain technology, with the aim of maximizing the bilateral value for individual commercial transactions in the world. Registers the personal carrier of working hours of trust through distributed accounting to obtain the accumulation and reflection of personal value. At the same time, Nework incorporated it into the public chain of the individual companies’ vertical industry by taking full advantage of the Ethereum mechanism and in a better ecological chain of the individual companies by joining the social forces. The world’s individual business economy is rapidly emerging, Nework is committed to freeing up individual productivity worldwide. Based on the Nework platform, much work can be done over the Internet in the future. Companies can complete the job more efficiently through diversified business cooperation, rather than hiring large numbers of employees. Nework is committed to solving problems in individual business behaviors such as trust, anticipation, transaction, delivery based on an application-level intelligent blockchain technology contract. In the level below, it provides transaction chains tailored to individual businesses based on the transformed Ethereum, which each individual or team can develop in these transaction chains, which will undoubtedly make it an important commercial infrastructure.