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napoleonx (NPX) Historical Data | Current NPX Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price NPX. Maximal value of price napoleonx was 0.5414$ - 2020-11-25 12:00:18, Minimal price of NPX was 0.01998$ value and fixed at 2021-01-14 05:00:11. Today price of napoleonx is : 0$

About napoleonx

The first 100% cryptographic asset administrator who navigates two exponential trends: the wave of quantitative management and the expansion of the cryptocurrency universe. Founded by former multimillion-dollar asset managers in tier 1 banks, it will offer investment solutions for all types of weather conditions for cryptocurrency holders, through autonomous decentralized funds (DAF). Investment solutions are still limited within the blockchain ecosystem, which limits investors to manage most of their savings outside the cryptocurrency environment. They believe that the feasibility of investing in a broad spectrum of performance assets, through the tokenization of the financial markets, would change the game for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, so far cryptocurrencies have mainly been contained as a means of payment. Now is the time to accelerate the «store of value» beyond simply appreciating against legal currencies. They propose the first intelligent investment solution dedicated to cryptocurrency holders, through the creation of decentralized autonomous funds (DAF). Each DAF will be a cryptographic fund whose investment strategy will be governed by a combination of commercial robots. Initially, each DAF will be created for a single underlying asset. In a second step, the combination of underlying assets in the DAFs may be allowed. The holders of the NaPoleonX (NPX) token, when participating in the selection of commercial robots, will benefit from the right to use the commercial signals provided by the first commercial robots for their own personal account and the possibility to request a participation in the rental income paid by the DAF for the use of commercial robots.