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namecoin (NMC) Historical Data | Current NMC Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price NMC. Maximal value of price namecoin was 1.088$ - 2020-12-11 12:00:09, Minimal price of NMC was 0.2$ value and fixed at 2020-11-06 20:00:17. Today price of namecoin is : 0$

About namecoin

Namecoin is an open source experimental technology that improves the decentralization, security, resistance to censorship, privacy and speed of some components of the Internet infrastructure, such as DNS and identity. What can Namecoin be used for? • Protect free expression rights online by making the web more censure resistant. • Attach identity information such as GPG and OTR keys and email addresses, Bitcoin and Bitmessage to the chosen identity. • Tor .onion domains with human meaning. • Validation of the decentralized TLS certificate (HTTPS), supported by blockchain consent. • Access websites using the .bit top-level domain. • Ideas proposed such as file signatures, voting, bonds / stocks / shares, trusted websites, notary services and evidence of existence. (To be implemented). What does Namecoin do under the hood? • Securely record and transfer arbitrary names (keys). • Attach a value (data) to names (up to 520 bytes). Currencies of the digital currency name of the transaction (NMC). • Like bitcoins, Namecoin names are difficult to censor or confiscate. • Searches do not generate network traffic (improves privacy). Namecoin was the first Bitcoin fork and is still one of the most innovative altcoins. He was the first to implement combined mining and decentralized DNS. Namecoin was also the first solution to the Zooko Triangle, the long-standing problem of producing a secure, decentralized and meaningful name system for humans.