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moneytoken (IMT) Historical Data | Current IMT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price IMT. Maximal value of price moneytoken was , Minimal price of IMT was . Today price of moneytoken is :

About moneytoken

MoneyToken is a Blockchain-based financial ecosystem focused on cryptocurrency-backed loans and cryptocurrency leverage. The main concept of MoneyToken revolves around the idea that our innovative economic model allows you to maintain your cryptocurrency and spend cash at the same time. MoneyToken consists of: — MoneyToken loan platform which offers loans in legal or stable currencies, guaranteed by guarantees in BTC and ETH; -MTC: the stable currency of MoneyToken; -MoneyToken Exchange decentralized service. What makes MoneyToken unique for other lending platforms? -The platform is designed to guarantee small and large loans, from $ 500 to $ 1,000,000 and above. -No credit rating or verification, as the loans are secured by a 1: 2 ratio guarantee. -With MoneyToken, the credit is provided by a credit fund, which collects a useless credit portfolio, a big difference compared to other p2p platforms. — Loan approval takes seconds and funds can be released almost instantly. -MoneyToken allows borrowers to apply for credit not only in legal currencies, but also in stable currencies, convenient when credit funds are used to make payments in the cryptocurrency market. -MoneyToken’s services will be available worldwide. -MoneyToken is an ecosystem, with its stablecoin and a decentralized exchange service. -MoneyToken does not use the token mechanics to charge additional costs or hide service costs; instead, our token plays a unique infrastructure role, offering benefits to customers, such as discounts on platform services.