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metronome (MET) Historical Data | Current MET Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price MET. Maximal value of price metronome was 2.291$ - 2021-01-19 20:00:08, Minimal price of MET was 0.7206$ value and fixed at 2020-11-06 10:00:19. Today price of metronome is : 0$

About metronome

The metronome («Metronome» or «MET») is a new cryptocurrency focused on making greater decentralization possible and providing institutional class resistance. The metronome is based on the lessons learned from previous cryptocurrencies and is optimized for self-government, long-term reliability and maximum portability. Built by leading figures in space and supported by a wide range of partners and consultants, Metronome is designed to meet and exceed the high standards of the cryptocurrency community. In developing a durable cryptocurrency, Metronome is based on three key design principles: AUTOMATIC GOVERNANCE without undue influence from the founders after the initial launch and public access: the governance of the contracts begins at the launch. RELIABILITY and predictability in which the emissions and the offer are immutable PORTABILITY to allow maximum decentralization, even through different block chains Being the first cryptocurrency capable of being exported and imported through chains, Metronome will initially be issued in Ethereum with Ethereum Classic, Rootstock in Bitcoin and Qtum support It is expected to continue. This portability will allow users to select the chain that meets their management and security requirements, or even to update the MET contract if necessary. The main goal of Metronome is to be built to last the cryptocurrency and portability promotes this goal by freeing Metronome from the fate of any chain. The metronome will not be controlled by any of the parties after the launch, not even by its authors, since it is completely autonomous. The metronome authors plan to continue helping to create an open source community to support developers and users, but the metronome authors will not have access or control after the initial auction.