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Lottery as a Chance to Win Bitcoin

The world of online gambling is very diverse, as it unites people who love playing poker and other table games, those who get a real kick out of slot machines with their vibrant animations and loud sounds, sports betting fans, and those who prefer lottery to all of the above. One may say that we simplified everything and overlooked some other important categories, but the point is that Bitcoin lotteries are unlike any other gambling activity for a number of reasons.Gambling is – of course – associated with luck, but there are usually certain skills that will give some players an advantage. Poker fans, for example, can increase their chances immensely by improving their skills at the game. Sports fans can analyze the teams’ and players’ performance and predict how well they will fare in an upcoming match. Sure, games like slots rely on the chance a lot, and there are no particular skills needed here. Nevertheless, there are some strategies for minimizing one’s losses.

With the lottery, it’s all about luck and luck only. There are ways to increase your chances, like participating in a lottery pool, but then your winnings decrease proportionally. Another difference is that there is not much required from you to do in Bitcoin lotteries either. You just buy a ticket and wait for the results, or in some cases, you will also have to pick a few numbers.

Advantages of Bitcoin Lottery

Now, let’s see how Bitcoin lotteries themselves are different from their predecessors. Let’s start with the fact that you are not getting an actual ticket, only its virtual representation as everything takes place on the Internet. In our mind, that’s a definite improvement, although some lottery fans would love to hold a winning ticket in their hands rather than only have its serial number. But at least it won’t get destroyed during laundering by mistake.

There’s an opposite side to it too as many people don’t trust online lotteries and are more used to actual balls being selected to determine the winning digits. Some online lotteries have animations with virtual balls to keep things more familiar, yet not everyone finds it convincing enough. It all changed with Bitcoin lotteries, as cryptographic algorithms made the game transparent and provably fair. It does not take a lot of time to learn how to verify the results, casting any doubts away.

UK Lottery with Bitcoin

To start playing at online lotteries, you might need to create a Bitcoin wallet. You will later use it to buy tickets, and all your winnings will be transferred there as well. Many sites, however, will let you use traditional money for buying a ticket, and you might even get to choose the currency in which the prizes are paid out. Now, let’s see which Bitcoin lotteries are at your disposal.

That’s an easy task, and you will find the list of top-rated gambling sites and their reviews on our site. What is left to you is selecting those casinos with BTC lotteries which do not restrict access to players from the United Kingdom. The sites that will work for you are Betcoin, 1xBit, CloudBet, Fortune Jack, mBit Casino, Crypto Games, and some others that you should check additionally. That is because, for example, Betchain is freely accessible by UK residents, but they may not be able to play certain games. Besides, there are various lottery games presented on this site, and you may like some more than others. So, you’ll have to check these sites yourself and make a decision judging from the available games and the online casino features that satisfy you the most.

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