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linareview (LINA) Historical Data | Current LINA Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price LINA. Maximal value of price linareview was 0.02583$ - 2021-01-17 22:00:12, Minimal price of LINA was 0.004576$ value and fixed at 2020-11-21 01:00:11. Today price of linareview is : 0$

About linareview

The LINA platform aims to create a network platform that it uses for the social review application, the supply chain management application and identity. This platform can spend on multiple applications, if any. The LINA Core is the most critical element of the LINA platform. Leverage smart contracts in the blockchain to create a reliable network of users and address issues related to transparency, the immutability of review scores. The LINA token (LINA) is the native token of the LINA platform. It will be based on Ethereum, a decentralized blockchain-based platform for applications that function as intended without any possibility of fraud, censorship or third party interference to facilitate online contractual arrangements in a cryptographically secure manner. LINA applications are products created on the LINA platform that belong to essential areas of life, such as food, agriculture, assessment, pharmacy, finance, medical care, education and government management. Currently, the LINA platform includes LINA REVIEW, LINA Supply Chain, LINA Identity, Healthcare and Education.