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kin (KIN) Historical Data | Current KIN Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price KIN. Maximal value of price kin was 0.00008298$ - 2021-01-08 15:00:09, Minimal price of KIN was 0.00000738$ value and fixed at 2020-10-21 00:00:14. Today price of kin is : 0$

About kin

Kin’s aim is to change the perspective of how we create, share and distribute value online by putting incredible shared experiences at the center. By creating a decentralized ecosystem based on shared experiences, they put users, application developers, content creators and brands on the same team, making everything transparent and fair. This allows developers and companies to find a sustainable revenue stream by allowing users to maintain control of their data and digital life. Kin was created in 2017 to use the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to create a new ecosystem that puts us all on the same team. By aligning everyone’s interests, Kin gets rid of us against them and replaces them with a completely new way of thinking about value. This allows us all to be successful together, focusing on user participation rather than turning them into products. Application developers now have the opportunity to focus on creating incredible user experiences, users can enjoy the best applications without worrying about the theft of their data, and all of them can be recognized and compensated fairly for the value they create. This isn’t just a new way of doing business, it’s a new way of thinking that puts people at the center by focusing on creativity, experience and connection.