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insureum (ISR) Historical Data | Current ISR Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price ISR. Maximal value of price insureum was , Minimal price of ISR was . Today price of insureum is :

About insureum

The Insureum protocol is a new blockchain-based insurance ecosystem that seeks to connect insurers, their customers and developers. It is designed to help insurance companies adapt insurance policies to individual lifestyles to provide unique incentives to customers. Zikto’s vision is that the Insureum protocol creates the conditions under which many interesting new insurance products are developed for people under the age of 40. Despite the success of the insurance industry over the past 30 years, he has never been a technology leader. Finally, with the Insureum protocol, the insurance value chain will become profitable and simple and create greater value in the insurance sector by allowing transactions between interested parties. Insurance companies, policyholders and third parties can make transactions based on their skills and all excess value (created by the transactions) is shared based on their contribution. In 2015 Zikto started negotiations with financial and insurance institutions regarding the collection and processing of life cycle data. It was these new connections that led Zikto to change his approach as a company. The Zikto team understood that many actors in traditional financial sectors have a strong initiative to understand their current and potential customers. A data collection intermediary can be a real resource for these sectors to understand their target audience. With reliable data, they can develop better customized, digitized and more profitable products. However, it is very difficult and expensive for these sectors to collect this information for themselves. A significant investment of time and money is needed to develop and integrate this system, market it to the public, manage the data collection processes and analyze them. The challenge, Zikto’s data integration platform, has narrowed the gap by providing data and analysis collected from different smart devices. Zikto has secured a number of ongoing sales agreements and negotiations with global insurance companies, as The Challenge has offered good value for money. Being just one of millions of application developers, Zikto has finally decided to take sides with the mutually beneficial monetization strategy of adapting its approach to data processing and integration. Now, Zikto is expanding the idea of ​​sharing data to another level: developing a protocol to facilitate transactions. It will promote more stakeholders in the traditional insurance sector for the benefit of all. Insurers will find easier ways to collect data, users and policyholders will have access to better insurance products and third parties, such as application developers and sales agencies, will find optimal ways to monetize their services and products.