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huobitoken (HT) Historical Data | Current HT Price Charts, Live History

Dynamic and history value of price HT. Maximal value of price huobitoken was 6.211$ - 2021-01-19 03:00:12, Minimal price of HT was 3.377$ value and fixed at 2020-11-27 05:00:08. Today price of huobitoken is : 0$

About huobitoken

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange that performs movements that mimic (and often precede) Binance, as it aims to become the main cryptocurrency exchange. This includes the issuance of the HT cryptocurrency, the decentralization of the exchange rate register and the expansion into new global markets. Your success depends on several key ingredients. Although created in China, Huobi moved its headquarters to Singapore after China had banned ICOs and encryption exchanges. Continue to work with the Chinese government to defend blockchain and cryptocurrency. Huobi makes strategic alliances in every country in which it expands and currently moves to Japan, South Korea, Europe, Russia and the Americas. Huobi Token offers discounts of up to 50% on transaction fees in exchange for a membership fee. HT will be periodically repurchased by Huobi and burned. With these pieces in place, Huobi continues its success as one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges by volume of trade. He is prepared for anything that hackers or the government can throw at him and more than a million users can’t be wrong. Huobi is a great place to trade cryptocurrencies, but as with all wallets and hot exchanges, store your assets at your own risk.