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How to Start Betting on Baseball

Not everyone gets baseball, and that’s completely normal. Those who do, however, have a chance to get even a bigger kick out of it by signing up at sports betting sites. We’re to help you find the best place for that since there’s no shortage of sportsbooks offering MLB betting, even if you are looking for Bitcoin sites particularly. There are also some aspects to keep in mind for making successful baseball wagers, and we are gladly sharing those with anyone willing to learn a thing or two, whether you already have some experience in sports betting or are only entering this fascinating world.

MLB Betting Tips on Wager Types

Some bet types can be found in several sports while others are more specific. And it only makes sense to start learning baseball betting by getting familiar with the wager types, at least the most common of them. If you see a sports betting site offering more options, don’t freak out, as they usually have a guide on what those options are and how to use them properly. Well, at least the top sites we reviewed have all the necessary information. And if you come upon a site that didn’t seem to bother with explaining the betting options it has to offer, then you might want to reconsider your choice.

Money line betting is a perfect fit for a beginner, as it’s simple to comprehend and quick in placing a bet. Basically, you win if you guess the winning team. Mind though, that betting on the team odds makers expect to win will result in a smaller payout.

Over/under betting is another simple option in which you are given an estimated total of runs made during the game. Your goal is to guess whether the actual number will be higher or lower than that.

Run line betting requires understanding what a run line is. Here’s an example of one:
N.Y. Yankees +1.5 (+120)
L.A. Dodgers -1.5 (-150)

So, the first number for each team stands for implied runs. The team that — according to the bookmakers — has more chances to win, gets a negative value and smaller odds, which is made to balance the sports betting process and encourage gamblers to bet on the underdog. Now, if you chose to bet on the Dodgers, they would have to make at least two more runs than the opponent for you to succeed. In case of the Yankees, they can either win or lose but no more than by one run.

The second number for each team represents the money line odds and shows how much you’ll get for the right guess. So, to win 100 dollars by betting on the Dodger’s victory, you would have to risk 150 dollars. On the other hand, 100 dollars for the underdog team would bring you 120 dollars.

The list would not be complete without prop bets. These can be very profitable due to their nature and specificity of things bettors are offered to predict. The guess can be made on literally anything, but the more common subjects are who will open the score, who’ll have the most strikeouts, certain players’ performance-related details, etc.

Choosing MLB Betting Sites

As with any sports betting site, there are certain points to account for when choosing the place for your baseball wagering such as currency, payment methods, loyalty program, updates and analytical articles, social media presence, and so on. We have gathered some of the most renowned sportsbooks and reviewed them; the rest is up to you. One thing many people forget is that they do not necessarily have to select only one site. Pick a few and test them yourself: you may end up combining them to contribute to your own betting strategy.

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