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How to Benefit from Betting on NFL Games

There are certain sports that every top sports betting site will have, and one of such is football. Besides being America’s favorite sport for a while now, NFL matches are also becoming more and more popular outside the US. An increasing number of people want to benefit from Super Bowl predictions, and there are enough sportsbooks to satisfy this demand. However long your history with football is, there are rules and tips on engaging in sports betting in general, as well as understanding more specific things like NFL betting lines.

Explaining NFL Betting Lines

It is crucial to understand what an NFL line is for anyone who wants to wager money on this sport. Here is an example of something bookmakers use to represent the odds in an upcoming game:
New York Giants -3.5 42.5 -145
Baltimore Ravens +3.5 42.5 +128

There are three numbers for each of the competing teams, and they represent three basic types of football bets. The team that bookmakers expect to win is called the favorite and is distinguished by the minus sign, and the potential loser, or the underdog, has a plus next to its value.

The first number is the point spread. It indicates how many points a favorite has to win by, and for Giants, in our example, it’s 4 or more points. For the underdog, it shows the maximum number of points they can lose by and still cover the spread, which is 3 points in our case. Half of a point is always added to avoid pushes.

Next is the total. This is a great bet for those who do not want to pick a team to wager on due to various reasons. This number stands for the total number of points both teams will score over the game. In this form of sports betting, you need to pick whether the total will go over the suggested number or fall under it.

Finally, we have the money line. This is for those who simply want to bet on the winning team. 100 is the default number chosen to demonstrate the odds for each team winning. Thus, to win $100 by betting on Giants, your wager would have to be $145. However, if you place $100 on Ravens, their victory will bring you $128. Such odds are set by bookmakers to stimulate placing bets on an underdog and getting rewarded for such risk. You can still bet on the favorite, of course, but you can see that the ratio is not as inviting.

A Few NFL Betting Tips

With sports betting, being a fan is not enough as you always have to take a guess. Surely, experienced and prepared bettors can make a closer call, but even they have to remember some basic tips.

First of all, consider all the available types of bets. You should be able to find their description in the site’s guides and FAQ. Then, evaluate how sure you are in your predictions. Play it smart and make a bet with less rewarding odds if it minimizes your potential losses.

However, it’s no fun always playing safe. That’s when prop bets make their entrance. These can be 100% about luck, yet much more tempting moneywise should you guess correctly.
Never avoid doing at least a quick research. You may remember the previous games and the teams’ encounters with each other well enough, but analyzing the tables can reveal something you would otherwise miss completely.

Finally, the usual advice with sports betting is not to spoil the fun of watching the game and placing the bets by wagering too much and gambling irresponsibly. Unless you develop a really solid strategy, it’s best to distribute your money between several bets rather than going all in on your favorite team’s victory.

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