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How Bitcoin Made Keno Better

Keno is one of the most famous lottery games frequently featured on online gambling sites. It is believed to have been born in China, and fortunately, has later become a worldwide phenomenon. And with the introduction of cryptocurrency to online casinos and the growth of Bitcoin lotteries, Keno gained even more followers. In addition to the main attraction, an opportunity to become rich by being able to guess the winning numbers, players can now enjoy its transparency and fairness. Another definite plus is that you will never have to impatiently wait for another game: on the Internet, the draws happen every few minutes.

Playing Keno

In case you are not familiar with the rules of Keno, it will not take longer than a couple of minutes to learn them. Mind you, there are several variations of the game so that you will have a different experience with different Bitcoin lotteries. The basic concept is still the same though. There is a range of numbers, usually 1 through 80, and your ticket contains empty spaces, about 10, which you have to fill with the numbers from this range. During the draw, 20 balls are selected randomly, each of them with a number on it. If at least two of these numbers coincide with the ones you indicated in your ticket, you will have a winning combination. To get the jackpot, all of your numbers have to play out.
The alterations of this game may have a different total of balls used, as well as the number of those that are drawn, making the session longer or shorter. Some other changes include Power Keno, where your winnings increase four times if your ticket contains the number of the ball that was selected last. Super Keno has a similar rule, only here the first drawn ball plays that role. Those are only a couple of examples, but there is no end to variations in Bitcoin lotteries, making for a new experience and a wider range to choose from.

Why Crypto Keno is Better

There is really no way to affect the results of the game of Keno other than by being lucky. That is why some gamblers would prefer games where your skills actually matter and could be improved over time. However, this situation is still fine for many, which is why Keno remains so popular.
There are, however, concerns and mistrust towards Bitcoin lotteries, as people feel these games could be easily rigged. After all, the numbers are not drawn by selecting actual balls but are generated somehow without players seeing the process. However, crypto games have shown themselves to be completely reliable when the provably fair principle was introduced. It lets players to check the code to make sure the numbers were picked at random and without any foul play. It is important not to disregard this opportunity and learn how to verify the outcome yourself because there are still more than enough sites that successfully scam users.

Best Places to Play Crypto Keno

Even if the site offers provably fair games, it’s even better if it holds a gambling license. Besides, there may be certificates from various inspections, as the site owners try to prove their trustworthiness to players who have been on an unlucky roll and would happily announce the game a scam.

We have also prepared a list of highly-regarded gambling sites you can check for Bitcoin lotteries:

  • CloudBet
  • Betchain
  • Betcoin
  • Fortune Jack
  • mBit Casino
  • BitStarz
  • 1xBit Casino
  • Bitcoin Penguin
  • Oshi Casino

7Bit CasinoThese are not only safe options but top-rated online casinos. Check our reviews of each of these sites to find out whether everything checks for you.

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